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Jannell’s AC Emergency in San Tan Valley, AZ!

San Tan Valley: AC Emergency Repair

Jannell’s AC Emergency in San Tan Valley, AZ!

AC Emergency Repair San Tan Valley: After Jannell’s Sun of San Tan Valley, AZ air conditioning stopped cooling and she immediately reached out to Olive Air Conditioning & Heating. We replied quickly, realizing that a working AC in Arizona is an urgent necessity. When we arrived on the scene, it was obvious that the problem had something to do with a failed fan motor as well as the compressor not coming up appropriately.

Diagnosing the Problem

He concluded from the initial assessment that a fan motor was needed. The AC cannot circulate air when the fan motor is not working, which will result in a complete system shutdown. The compressor, also essential for cooling had evidence of overheating as well. This double whammy sabotaged the performance of the system, and it was unable to effectively cool Jannell’s home.

Repair Versus Replace

Focusing on the age of Jannell’s AC unit and adding both repairs together, replacing her air conditioning was suggested. Although component-by-component replacement may look like an instant solution, it can backfire generating higher long-term costs and reducing overall efficiency. That means that not only could a replacement system provide some more comfort it just might save you money on your next utility bill, as well.

Benefits of a New AC System

Several benefits come from installing a new AC system including:

  • Higher Efficiency: New Air-conditioning units are more efficient while utilizing lesser electricity consumption thereby leading to lower electric bills.
  • Greater reliability: reduces unexpected crashes from a new system which equals peace of mind
  • Increased Comfort: The newest mobile homes have the latest technology to provide you with continuous and best cooling outcomes.
  • Warranty: A new system will offer a warranty for parts and labor that cover future repair expenses


The AC emergency that Jannell faced shows the significance of needing help on time with quality HVAC service. At Olive Air & Heating, our goal is to perform fast and reliable fixes that will leave your home comfortable in no time. Our goal is to provide long-term results and peace of mind by suggesting a replacement system.

with Olive Air & Heating! San Tan Valley, AZ Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement Service We appreciate you, Jannell’s for letting us handle your AC services!

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