AC Mistakes To Avoid

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Common Air Conditioning Mistakes

When the summers bring the heat, we’ll bring our services to ensure your air conditioner can handle it! In anticipation of summer each year, we fill the pool, break out the grill, or book travel plans for a little getaway. However, because Gilbert, AZ is known for its scorching 105-degree summer highs, servicing your AC unit should be on that list.

While not all care includes professional services, your cooling unit will eventually need expert assistance for scheduled maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Below, we’ll explain the do’s and don’ts of keeping your AC system in top shape and how Olive Air can assist you.

Don’t: Lower Your Thermostat For Faster Relief

When the temperature reaches the triple digits, you feel lethargic, unable to carry on with daily activities. The only way to receive immediate relief and return to your life is by cranking the thermostat way down for faster cooling, right? Actually, your unit runs at full capacity at all times when on, meaning it can’t work harder. Instead, it will run longer if you set the thermostat lower.

For instance, imagine having two units, each in a room with the same square footage, one set to 75 degrees on a 100-degree day and the other at 70. They’ll both cool to 75 degrees in the same amount of time, but the former will shut off afterward while the latter keeps cooling. Therefore, set your thermostat to your target temperature and wait for your unit to do its job.

Also, because the human body adapts to temperature changes in under two weeks, raise your thermostat a few degrees. This method causes your air conditioner to run for less time, contributing to less wear. More importantly, according to the Department of Energy, each degree you lower your thermostat reduces your energy bills by one percent, saving you money.

Don’t: Install An Inadequately Sized System

Another way to reduce bills is by adequately sizing your unit. During AC installation in Gilbert, AZ, an Olive Air technician will determine the AC unit cooling efficiencies with British thermal units that explain how much heat each given system removes within one hour. The larger the system, the higher its BTU rating and cooling capacity, but don’t install a larger unit just because it removes more heat at once.

If your home is 150 square feet, your BTU rating shouldn’t surpass 5,000. If larger, it’ll contribute to short cycling since your home will cool faster, meaning your unit will shut off not long after powering on. While this may sound good, the system will turn on and off frequently, creating uncomfortable hot and cold spots. The system will also require premature and costly repairs and replacements as the constant starting and stopping causes deterioration.

Similarly, if you have a 300-square-foot home, it requires a BTU of 7,000. But a smaller unit will run longer to reach your thermostat setting, causing it to overheat and fail. Therefore, let a qualified technician measure your indoor space in cubic feet and match you correctly to an adequately sized unit.

Don’t: Ignore Air Filters

Your air filters trap and lock floating dust and dander as air travels through your air conditioner vents. That means these filters keep contaminants out of your breathing air that would otherwise contribute to respiratory illnesses like asthma and allergy attacks. However, as these particles continue to build on the filter, they break off and re enter your air or lead to an AC breakdown in Gilbert, AZ. Ignoring air filters can lead to various AC problems, such as:

  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Your unit working harder, increasing pressure on the system
  • Higher energy bills
  • More repairs
  • Frequent replacements

Don’t: Forget To Schedule AC Maintenance

Unfortunately, you can’t take care of all air conditioning maintenance tasks yourself, especially since it requires the appropriate tools to dismantle your system and clean all internal parts. It also takes a trained eye to catch minor issues before they evolve into costly repairs. Give an Olive Air technician a call for AC maintenance in Gilbert, AZ to examine all components in the spring and fall before and after heavy use in the summer. Some other steps on a maintenance checklist include:

  • Lubricating moving parts like the fan belt and motor
  • Emptying stagnant water from the drain pan before it grows fungi
  • Unclogging the drain line before a backflow causes the indoor unit to leak
  • Replacing the filters and cleaning the ducts and vents
  • Checking refrigerant levels and refilling it if necessary

Don’t: Ignore AC Repair or Replacement Signs

The only thing worse than overlooking professional maintenance is ignoring signs you need an AC repair in Gilbert, AZ or surrounding areas. For instance, while you should expect a slight humming noise as the motor runs in the outdoor compartment, louder buzzing, banging, or grinding sounds indicate parts are loose, knocking into one another, or decaying.

Similarly, you shouldn’t ignore mustiness, car exhaust odors, or gas smells. Other imperfections, like leaks, higher energy bills, and hot and cold spots, can also become evident.

While an AC repair in Gilbert, AZ should handle these concerns, your technician may suggest a replacement instead if your unit has reached the end of its 10 to 15-year lifespan and is no longer energy efficient.

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Avoid these mistakes to increase your comfort and reduce expensive repair and replacement costs! At Olive Air & Heating, our licensed and certified team puts your comfort first, servicing all unit types, from ductless mini-splits to central cooling units, so you can better enjoy your summer. Whether you need maintenance, a replacement, or an AC repair in Gilbert, AZ, and surrounding areas, call 480-490-2950 for five-star assistance today!