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Troubleshooting Munira Smith's Noisy Attic Unit: A Case Study with Olive Air and Heating

Service AC Repair: AC Noise Issue Resolved!

Troubleshooting Munira Smith’s Noisy Attic Unit: A Case Study with Olive Air and Heating

Service AC Repair: A short time ago Munira Smith contacted Olive Air and Heating for periodic inspection of his attic unit, which had begun making a noise that gradually got louder over time, said the Carrier split system. Our team grasped the emergency status of the situation and promptly posted a technician to troubleshoot.


Upon a thorough inspection, our tech had determined the blower wheel and motor were also rattling and worn, therefore they were going to fail. These matters not simply hinder the functioning of the device but induce risks if these issues remain unaddressed.

With their best interest of Munira in mind, our technician recommended changing the blower wheel and blower motor to return the unit to running properly again, and for Munira far beyond that. This would not just solve the noise problem, but help keep all future additional damage that could cause overly expensive repairs.

Descriptions and Recommendations

We provided detailed descriptions and recommendations to Munira based on her home warranty coverage. But we still were denied because the home warranty company refused to cover what was recommended.

We know how frustrating and inconvenient it can be to suddenly have to spend large sums of money on essential home repairs, such as your HVAC. Because of this, we need to be as open to communication and options as possible for our customers.


For Munira, we gave a sheet with choices that included different alternatives and elements to provide inexpensive recommendations that align together with her budget in addition to immediate requirements. Our mission is to provide homeowners with information and options so that they can make informed decisions regarding their home comfort.

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