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AC Repair in Tempe, AZ: Service Call to Keep Cool!

Tempe AZ, AC Repair Service Call

AC Repair in Tempe, AZ: Service Call to Keep Cool 


AC Repair Tempe AZ: That’s what Vipul of Tempe did when his air conditioning wasn’t cooling properly. Summer is well underway, and the heat outside has been heating up as a result.

Identifying the Issue

A professional from our team at Olive Air & Heating rushed to Vipul’s home as soon as possible. Word to the wise, get it checked out because when my technician did a more thorough inspection he found that we had run so low on refrigerant due to a leak in our evaporative coil. This will affect the efficiency and cooling performance of your AC unit to a great extent which is also the reason why you can not wait in case it happens.

Contact the Warranty Company

We realized that it was time for urgency, so our team made a documentation of the findings and submitted an in-depth report to Vipul’s home warranty read more.. This will prevent additional out-of-pocket costs and expedite the needed repairs to reduce downtime, with priority given to restoring comfort.

Regular Maintenance: What it Means

Refrigerant leaks are one of those problems that can be avoided with preventative maintenance. Having your AC checked and tuned regularly also allows for any potential issues to be detected before they turn into major, expensive problems that could set you back a bundle in repairs while making sure the unit runs efficiently and reliably. You get all of that and so much more by selecting one of our Olive Air Maintenance Plans.

  • Regular Maintenance: To ensure all parts function correctly.
  • Leaks check: diagnosing potential refrigerant leaks and fixing them.
  • Priority Service: Answer your calls faster (especially during high call volume times.)
  • Repair Discounts: Make sure you save a few bucks on any repair work.


Vipul was lucky that Olive Air & Heating could respond quickly and provide compassionate quality service to help him get back into a cool house in no time. Maintenance and Servicing Regular servicing of your unit can help not only prevent a large issue but also prolong the life expectancy of an efficiently working system.

If you need AC repair or maintenance in Tempe, AZ, Olive Air & Heating is the company to trust for year-round comfort. Relax and enjoy our expert service!

Would you like to know about Our AC Repair and Maintenance Program? Olive Air & Heating. Thanks for your trust, Vipul!

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