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Saving the Day: Jovan Ciric’s AC Cool-Down

AC Repair Leak: AC Cool-Down

Saving the Day: Jovan Ciric’s AC Cool-Down

AC Repair Leak: Jovan Ciric was all-fired up. of the moment, and rightly so. His air conditioning unit had suddenly gone down on the hottest day of the summer. What once was his cool and enjoyable home was now an uncomfortable sauna. Seeking a resolution, Jovan contacted our Olive Air & Heat LLC team.


Our fast and reliable diagnosis of the problem began upon arrival. It was quickly discovered that Jovan’s AC system was icing up due to low Freon levels, causing it to not blow as cold.. Overpayment is a significant problem in this segment and an old-fashioned one, however, it is necessary to take care of it without delay.

We told Jovan what had happened and listed a few alternatives to consider. He determined simply to add refrigerant once again and squeeze some leak sealant in there, which gave me an unexpected sense of relief. This method was also a way to fix the cooling system and protect it from future leaks. The technicians got the hose attached to the unit and filled it with R22 refrigerant, then turned on their sealant.

Repair Time

The process was quick and simple, and Jovan left the building feeling very happy with how things had gone. The repair took only minutes, and now my AC unit is running smoothly again. Jovan’s home went from sticky heat to a cool, refreshing breeze. The immediate improvement confirmed the effectiveness of the repair, showcasing our skill in AC repairs!

Air-conditioning Systems must have their refrigerant level in optimal condition. If Freon is low, the unit hasn’t absorbed much of our heat within the atmosphere to expel. We aim for the cooling cycle to operate efficiently within its intended timeframe. This involves maintaining adequate refrigerant levels, stabilizing temperatures in both the indoor and outdoor coils, and ensuring proper functioning during high-demand cooling periods. This prevents continuous operation until thermal shutdown activates. (see my latest article). We sealed up any leaks and topped off the refrigerant to guarantee that Jovan felt confident his AC system would be able to do its job all summer.

The Experience

The experience of Jovan offers a substantial example of the significance of maintenance and timely repair. Ignoring minor issues can lead to major breakdowns, whether during the sweltering peak of summer or the chilly winter months when reliable heating is crucial. With a little help offered by proactive care homeowners can save themselves the inconvenience as well to make sure their systems remain energy-efficient.

Olive Air & Heating LLC Arizona offers prompt and efficient air conditioning services. Certainly, Jovan’s miraculously successful AC cool-down is only one of the ways our amazing team completely kills it every day. Let us know if it’s facing some issues like this one. Does it get that hot? We have you covered with Reliable Air Conditioning Services.

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