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AC Repair Service and Expert Maintenance with Olive Air & Heating

Expert AC Maintenance and Repair Done!

AC Repair Service and Expert Maintenance with Olive Air & Heating

AC Repair Service: So when Brian Bynum’s AC unit broke and it wouldn’t cool off his home he called Olive Air & Heating. Our expert technician diagnosed the problem in short order and suggested a package that included coil cleaning, drain line flushing as well as 1-year system performance maintenance.

Also, The Full Support Program

Regular Maintenance: Brian comes with a complete 36-point inspection annual tune-up. This process of maintaining and checking every piece ensures each part is functioning at its most optimal level.

Air filters, Where applicable your air filter change out is done during the tune-up to have new clean air circulating and running through your system as efficiently.

Regularly Scheduled Tune

Regularly scheduled tune-ups can prevent most unexpected breakdowns. By addressing issues early, you can avoid costly repairs.

Annual Drain Line, and yearly outdoor coil cleaning: These are critical services to keep the system maintained and running at peak performance with a clean drain line free of slime & other debris that can impede water flow in your primary drainage pan or buildup on the Outdoor Coil inhibiting proper air movement.

Priority Service

Maintenance plan members receive priority service, so when they need us most (during extreme weather), we’ll be there to help quickly.

Should any of Brian’s repairs or replacements become necessary, automatic discounts help ease the financial burden.

1-Year Warranty on Repairs Parts and Labor: Included with the maintenance plan is a 1-year warranty that covers all repairs, parts & labor giving you added peace of mind as well as protection against unforeseen costs.


Brian benefits from fewer breakdowns, system reliability, and overall better functioning by signing up for our full maintenance agreement. These benefits create a relaxed and cozy home year-round, with fewer worries about sudden AC disasters or costly last-minute repairs.

Trust Olive Air & Heating

At Olive Air & Heating, we want to deliver the best in service and expertise for our customers so you are comfortable. Our tailored maintenance agreements meet your system’s needs and include 24-hour emergency service, allowing you to relax in comfort.

Thanks to Brian Bynum from Olive Air & Heating for counting on us with their PMs Keep yourself safe and relax in comfort with the best professionals. 🙌💡

Return to the future with our maintenance plan. Contact Olive Air & Heating Gilbert, AZ today – and be like Brian by having a clean, well-running AC unit!

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