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Close Call Averted: Olive Air & Heating's AC Repair Saves the Day!

AC Repair Service: AC Repair Saves the Day!

Close Call Averted: Olive Air & Heating’s AC Repair Saves the Day!

AC Repair Service: For Sasi Sekaran Sundaresan, take a bow! They rang us in a bit of a sweat (literally!) their AC decided it needed a break. In Phoenix that could mean a comfortable 74 degrees inside becomes an oven if the air conditioning stops working. With the mercury level at its peak, Sasi had his AC blowing hot air and he needed to get it fixed within no time.

Fast Diagnosis, Faster Fix:

Great It was time to bring Our man on the ground, Oliver up to speed. Oliver, seasoned with experience, had a grasp on how to navigate these waters. Upon further inspection, the defect was isolated to a malfunctioning dual capacitor. The capacitor of the air AC unit, its function is to turn on the motor that drives the fan, helps to start up. And when it fails, the system stops.

Luckily for us, Oliver caught the problem quickly and it is a relatively simple fix. The moment we swapped the capacitor out, Sasi had cool air flowing in his home again, and he breathed a sigh of relief faster than you can say Phew! In no time, Sasi was back to the cool air of her comfortable home.

Don’t Let Your Comfort Take a Vacation:

We know how important a working AC is in the middle of July here at Olive Air & Heating. Which is why we make fast and efficient service our number one priority, so our customers are not suffering from the heat for too long. Don’t wait! Schedule your HVAC repair service today. Our highly skilled technicians are ready to tackle any AC emergency. They have the training and tools to fix any problem quickly.

Olive Air & Heating: Your Comfort Champions!

A near miss like this is a perfect reminder for routine AC maintenance. A routine check will help to ensure that a unit does not break down suddenly, and minor issues can be caught before they escalate to become larger problems. Do not let it lose all strength if you feel your AC has become a troublemaker; do not wait until it falls back completely. When you see that your AC unit is working improperly, it will help in saving a lot of discomfort and inconvenience.

Can’t a hot mess ruin your summer? Should you notice that your AC is not working as expected, contact Olive Air & Heating. We are here to help preserve cool and dry as the temperatures rise! A well-maintained AC is your number-one defense against the sizzling Phoenix heat. So, chill and we will take care of the rest!

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