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AC Tune-Up and Electrical Solutions

Tune-Up Solutions: Done! AC Tune-Up!

AC Maintenance Solutions: When Linda Daly’s AC stopped working, our technician discovered electrical issues caused by trapped rats. Without power, the AC couldn’t function. We recommended calling an electrician. Linda chose our Maintenance Plan, which includes annual inspections, coil cleanings, drain line clearings, priority service, and discounts on repairs. The plan also offers a full-year warranty on all work done. Now, Linda can rest easy knowing her home will stay comfortable year-round. Get ahead with Olive Air and Heating LLC’s all-inclusive maintenance plan in Gilbert, AZ!

AC Maintenance Solutions and Electric Controls

Linda Daly’s air conditioner broke, making her house unbearably hot. Turns out the problem was not with the A/C unit but an electrical issue in our attic system, as revealed by our serviceman when he arrived. Because of inadequate power, the AC was a waste. We advised her to call a professional licensed electrician for issues and to protect the safety of your home by working normally with his AC unit.

Understanding the importance of maintenance, Linda also got her comfort under control by grabbing a home Maintenance Plan from Olive Air. This is a plan that affords her many benefits to make sure her HVAC system operates efficiently and effectively throughout the year.

Our Maintenance Plan Perks

Annual Tune-Ups

Helps catch issues before they fail. Regular maintenance for the furnace and A/C is a must! Regular maintenance tune-ups ensure your heating and cooling systems are running in perfect condition season after the other, and assure you of reliable comfort.

Cleaning of Drain Line and Outdoor Coil

It is very important for the coil & drain line to be cleaned as they choke due to blockage. It destroys your water damage, allows the drain line to get blocked, and decreases dirty coils which leads towards a requirement of more wear and tear on our cooling system. We perform complete cleansing of these parts to improve their efficiency and increase life expectancy.

Priority Service

Our Maintenance Plan members receive priority service, ensuring their needs are addressed immediately, especially during peak times for repairs and maintenance.

Automatic Repair Discounts:

Even with regular maintenance to prevent surprise repairs, if one is necessary our plan members receive automatic discounts on the work required at a fraction of what would be face paying as we go.

365-Day Repair Guarantee:

A full year, none of this 90-day stuff on repair work done by us. The warranties offer reassurance that any problems will be dealt with quickly and effectively.


“Moving forward, I have an abundance of heating and air companies to choose from, just wish it did not take so many bad experiences before I found Olive Air,” said Daly. But make sure you realize this before it will take a breakdown. You have to be ahead of the heat and ensure your HVAC system is in tip-top condition. Get on board with Linda and let our maintenance plan benefit you today!

To learn more about how an AC Maintenance Solutions can help you, give us a call now at https://oliveairandheating.com/contact-us/. Contact us for a maintenance visit and stay on top of the trouble in HVAC so you can get more enjoyment from your home.

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