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Air Conditioning Repair in Jeff Maze’s Home!

Expert Air Conditioning Repair Service

Air Conditioning Repair in Jeff Maze’s Home

Identifying the Issue

Air Conditioning Repair AZ: Mr. Jeff Maze decided to call in professionals after his air conditioning system failed to cool, making his home unbearably hot despite 80-degree temperatures outside. He contacted Olive Air & Heating for a comprehensive inspection of his 6-year-old Carrier 5-Ton Split system.

Complete Checkup and Testing

Our technician went over every bolt of Jeff’s AC system, checking refrigerant levels the zoning dampers, and air temperatures. The unit was running well to its full extent upon closer inspection – blasting out 57-degree air provided by a commendable 20-degree temperature differential.

Air Conditioning Repair AZ: No Operational Issues Found

Thankfully no major issues were found around the operation of the system as it currently is. He could increase efficiency with thinner air filters or get an energy audit to find any leakage areas or ways heat is getting in.

Ensuring Long-Term Efficiency

No Comments Implementing these recommendations will help Jeff to keep his home cool and for optimal efficiency from heating season through cooling. Consistent maintenance and preventative measures help enhance the longevity of AC systems, which can keep energy costs low.

Trust in Olive Air & Heating

At Olive Air & Heating, customer satisfaction and high efficiency are a must. Jeff’s experience shows our commitment to detailed diagnoses. This ensures top recommendations for your home’s comfort and efficiency.


If you are having air conditioning problems like Jeff Maze, Olive Air & Heating Gilbert, AZ provides successful solutions with their expert service and commitment. We can keep your home

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