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Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Gilbert, AZ Done! 

Gilbert, AZ: Expert Air Conditioning Tune-Up Service

Air Conditioning Tune-Up Done!

Keeping Cool with Regular Maintenance

Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Gilbert, AZ: Recently, Ashleigh Love took us up on our complete AC tune-up service when she wanted to be sure her air conditioning system Read more We made sure to: Check the coolant level and include refrigerant into your system, Inspect thermostats as well as Condenser cleaning along with Capacitors checking Wires tracing

Complete Tune-Up Advantages

The purpose of our AC tune-up is not only to resolve current issues; we also want to avoid problems in the future. When our technicians were tuning up Ashleigh they went through and checked from top to bottom every single component. This proactive measure helps add years to the life of the AC system and provides smooth operation while saving up on energy causing a decrease in utility bills.

Advanced Premium+ Plan Upgrade

Ashleigh not only took advantage of the basic tune-up, but she also signed up for our Premium+ plan to receive even more benefits. This plan includes 2 lbs. Freon, compressor saver, dual capacitors, a clean blower ) and a 1-year warranty These added services, act as an extra veil to support and maintain the performance of her expenses all over each year.

Year-round Peace of Mind

Ashleigh also takes advantage of several benefits, thanks to our annual maintenance plan. Fast, priority service when she calls for assistance Discounted routine maintenance Regularly scheduled keep-safe appointments on her AC System in confidence Keeping your systems running efficiently helps to prevent problems breaking down unexpectedly and costly repairs. Our planned maintenance is set up.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

We strongly recommend conducting regular AC maintenance to ensure that your system functions at its best. It lets you track problems before they get out of hand, which means your home continues to be cool and comfortable even in the peak summer months. And like Ashleigh, you can also enjoy dependable performance and high efficiency from your well-serviced AC system.

Contact Us for Your Tune-Up!

Do you want to maintain your air conditioning just as Ashleigh has? Call us today to schedule your AC tune-up Our experienced technicians are on hand around the clock to bring you a further level of support that guarantees your system stays strong, whatever time of year it is. Call us today Olive Air & Heating for more information on our maintenance plans.


Ashleigh Love explains how our AC tune-up and Premium+ plan made all the difference for her peace of mind. We can help keep A/C troubles at bay for our loyal Olive Air & Heating Gilbert, AZ customers. Call us today to get your tune-up scheduled and experience all the great things a smooth-running AC system offers!

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