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Crisis Averted: Mrs. Carmen's AC Restored with Our Maintenance Plan

AC Repair Cooling Service: An AC Cooling Crisis Saved!

Crisis Averted: Mrs. Carmen’s AC Restored with Our Maintenance Plan

AC Repair Cooling Service: When her AC unit died, Mrs. Carmen was in a bind because she was also on a limited income every month. She called Olive Air and Heating. Our experienced technicians arrived promptly to diagnose the issue. It turned out a bad fan capacitor was the problem, which caused the unit to overheat and shut down, leaving Carmen hot.

The small fan capacitor is important however and greatly affects how well or how long an AC unit operates, as it helps to start the fan and keep it running in the best way so the unit cools properly. Ultimately, the result is that instead of circulating air around the system fails and overheats, leading to a shutdown. Appreciating the situation as an emergency, we were quick to come out and replace this capacitor. The new part was put in, and the AC unit was running smoothly spewing out cold air as it should.

Carmen and Ellen could not believe how quickly Carmen’s home went from an inferno to a chilled, quiet sanctuary. That little bit of break not only made me feel better, but it probably saved the A/C, which could’ve burned out if it had been running that long without a rest. Most importantly, the AC repair was completely covered with our Maintenance Plan making sure Carmen stayed out of the dark when it came to surprise costs.

The Power of Prevention

Here at Olive Air and Heating, we strive to bring fast, reliable service right to you. We have you covered with our Maintenance Plan, which provides full-service maintenance for touch-up repairs and sudden issues to ensure the long lifespan of your AC system. Maintaining your air conditioning unit will allow you to mitigate potential problems before they become expensive malfunctions, giving you more time for your air conditioner to operate smoothly.

If you ever find yourselves in the same situation, do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Our team of expert HVAC technicians is standing by to quickly diagnose and repair any of your air conditioning malfunctions, allowing you to maintain a comfortable home no matter the time of year. For faulty capacitors, refrigerant leaks, or any other issue, Olive Air and Heating can help keep your cooling system in good working order.

Don’t Wait Until the Heat Strikes!

Learn more about what we do and our Maintenance Plan from our website or simply call us today! Stay cool and comfortable this spring/summer with reliable AC repair and preventative maintenance from Olive Air and Heating Phoenix, AZ. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call us now to book your service and to experience the Olive Air difference!

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