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AC Maintenance Plan Benefits: Swift Responses to Freon Leaks

Tune-Up Plan: Another Tune-Up Done!

AC Maintenance Plan Benefits: Swift Responses to Freon Leaks

Identifying the Issue

AC Maintenance Plan: Madan Vemula contacted our team as soon he realized his air conditioner was not able to cool down his house. After checking, our technician found the problem: a leak in the evaporative coil from low Freon.

Swift Action & Warranty Processing

However, acknowledging the time sensitivity of the situation; we very quickly took all actions to remedy this, even processing a warranty claim for repair that same day. When it comes to home air conditioning, Freon leaks are a common problem that can cause severe issues regarding performance and potential damage.

Value of an AC Maintenance Plan

This event is a good example to illustrate the impact of having an entire AC maintenance plan behind it. These plans not only aid in recognizing a problem as early as possible if it is all over again to make sure that addresses functioning coping with like Freon leaks.

Benefits Beyond Repairs

Comprehensive AC service benefits go beyond just repairing your unit. This includes checking your system regularly and performing regular maintenance and small fixes to save all the parts of your HVAC that last longer.

Customer Satisfaction is how We Roll

We care about the happiness of our customers and know how important a well-oiled operational machine is, especially for small businesses. With proper experience, our technicians are prepared with anything you can throw at them from the rooms being too hot to full-on Freon leak fixes.


Now that Madan is well on his way to having a working AC again, he can be sure our team and coverage plan has got him covered this summer. It is a cooling season, keep chillin’ Madan, and rest assured Olive Air and Heating LLC  Gilbert AZ has your home prepped for the perfect temperature all year long!

To learn more about how an AC maintenance plan can help you, give us a call now at https://oliveairandheating.com/contact-us/. Contact us for a maintenance visit and stay on top of the trouble in HVAC so you can get more enjoyment from your home.

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