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The Victor Martinez Seal of Approval: Olive Air & Heating's Summer Prep Service!

Expert AC Tune-Up: Another Successful AC Tune-Up!

The Victor Martinez Seal of Approval: Olive Air & Heating’s Summer Prep Service!


Expert AC Tune-Up: The Arizona sun is harsh. Eventually, it should be hot, and as lots as you like an oven is not your concept of the precise temperature in your home. This is why savvy homeowners like Victor Martinez are giving Olive Air & Heating a call to prepare their AC for summer. Two of our expert techs, Oliver and Kaden, recently visited Victor’s home to give his a/c a check-up before the season. Also, guess what? Vic was thrilled with the work they did for him and even left a 5-star review on Google!

Keeping Victor Cool and Comfortable:

Victor got his AC unit tuned up for the summer by Oliver and Kaden. More than just a filter check This service does more than just check your air filter. Here is what they did to help Victor not overheat this summer:

Full cleaning of the system:

Cleaned the whole system to remove any dirt and debris that could hamper the function of the cooling system.

Coolant Check:

Coolant levels were checked to make sure the system had sufficient fluid to run correctly.

Checking Results:

Fantastic The fan motor, is vital to move air, and the blower is checked and lubricated to ensure it can do its job efficiently. (Yes, the name isn’t too “fancy” but it does a significant task!)

Comprehensive Review:

Every single possible component of the AC was checked, from the electrical connections to the drainage lines, to catch potential problems before they escalated.

The Benefits of a Summer Prep Service:

Victor’s glowing review highlights the many benefits of a summer prep service:

Peace of Mind:

Having an AC in proper working condition prevents you from the concern of finding out it has broken down just when you need it most of all (the middle of summer!).

Improved Performance:

A properly maintained system runs more efficiently, so you will save money with lower energy bills and a cooler living space.

Summer prep service

can help avoid costly issues down the line, as catching minor problems early on often allows for easier fixes, ultimately extending the lifespan of the device.

Reduce Downtime:

Our trained technicians will be able to find items needing maintenance in the future that will allow your team to plan and budget.

Avoid Summer Meltdowns!

Hear from our Heating & Cooling experts Tips for maintaining your AC. Armed with a quality thermometer, head to a central air vent in your house when the temperature outside feels warm. Get in for your Olive Air & Heating summer tune-up and be in control of summer comfort just like Victor Martinez.

Contact us at 480-420-7582 or visit https://oliveairandheating.com/ and book your deal today. And a small amount of preparation will lead to a much cooler summer.

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