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Another Successful AC Tune-Up!

The Victor Martinez Seal of Approval: Olive Air & Heating's Summer Prep Service!

Expert AC Tune-Up: Another Successful AC Tune-Up!

The Victor Martinez Seal of Approval: Olive Air & Heating’s Summer Prep Service!


Expert AC Tune-Up: The Arizona sun is harsh. Eventually, it should be hot, and as lots as you like an oven is not your concept of the precise temperature in your home. This is why savvy homeowners like Victor Martinez are giving Olive Air & Heating a call to prepare their AC for summer. Two of our expert techs, Oliver and Kaden, recently visited Victor’s home to give his a/c a check-up before the season. Also, guess what? Vic was thrilled with the work they did for him and even left a 5-star review on Google!

Keeping Victor Cool and Comfortable:

Victor got his AC unit tuned up for the summer by Oliver and Kaden. More than just a filter check This service does more than just check your air filter. Here is what they did to help Victor not overheat this summer:

Full cleaning of the system:

Cleaned the whole system to remove any dirt and debris that could hamper the function of the cooling system.

Coolant Check:

Coolant levels were checked to make sure the system had sufficient fluid to run correctly.

Checking Results:

Fantastic The fan motor, is vital to move air, and the blower is checked and lubricated to ensure it can do its job efficiently. (Yes, the name isn’t too “fancy” but it does a significant task!)

Comprehensive Review:

Every single possible component of the AC was checked, from the electrical connections to the drainage lines, to catch potential problems before they escalated.

The Benefits of a Summer Prep Service:

Victor’s glowing review highlights the many benefits of a summer prep service:

Peace of Mind:

Having an AC in proper working condition prevents you from the concern of finding out it has broken down just when you need it most of all (the middle of summer!).

Improved Performance:

A properly maintained system runs more efficiently, so you will save money with lower energy bills and a cooler living space.

Summer prep service

can help avoid costly issues down the line, as catching minor problems early on often allows for easier fixes, ultimately extending the lifespan of the device.

Reduce Downtime:

Our trained technicians will be able to find items needing maintenance in the future that will allow your team to plan and budget.

Avoid Summer Meltdowns!

Hear from our Heating & Cooling experts Tips for maintaining your AC. Armed with a quality thermometer, head to a central air vent in your house when the temperature outside feels warm. Get in for your Olive Air & Heating summer tune-up and be in control of summer comfort just like Victor Martinez.

Contact us at 480-420-7582 or visit https://oliveairandheating.com/ and book your deal today. And a small amount of preparation will lead to a much cooler summer.

New AC Installation Project! Done!

Debbie Kosek Levels Up Her Comfort with a New AC System from Olive Air and Heating!

AC Installation Project: New AC Installation Project! Done!

Debbie Kosek Levels Up Her Comfort with a New AC System from Olive Air and Heating!

AC Installation Project: Olive Air and Heating are already excited about the bright, air-conditioned future of Debbie Kosek! Debbie has a brand new 4-ton Trane split AC/gas to keep her warm for Arizona summers. Blended with ENERGY STAR certification, impeccable 10-year warranty, and other innovative features, it’s a top-of-the-line system that makes sure Debbie enjoys amazing cool indoor walls for many years.

Unpacking Debbie’s New AC System:

AC Installation Project: Here’s a breakdown of what Debbie’s new system offers:
Energy Efficient Cooling:

This 2-speed, 16 SEER system provides high-efficiency cooling, allowing you to stay cool all through the summer and save money on your energy bills.

Sustainable Performance:

Debbie can rest easy with a 10-year compressor warranty, a 10-year parts warranty, and a 2-year labor warranty from American Style Refrigeration.

The smart home integration

Some Wi-Fi thermostats can even be controlled from anywhere at any time. Control the thermostats, program the sensors, and come home to everything being set up the way you want it you can thank your smartphone for doing much of that for you.

The Change:

Debbie decided that for her new system, safety was a must so she added a water safety switch that detects leaking water and initiates a shutdown as soon as it senses water damage. A new drain pan helps prevent leaks, electrical disconnect for safe service

True preventative maintenance: +1 FREE year of preventative maintenance ensuring your system remains in peak operating condition. A full inspection and cleaning is necessary to keep your system running at peak performance by our technicians.

Financing Made Easy:

At Olive Air and Heating, we recognize what it means to provide solutions at affordable rates. This is why we provide financing options from Synchrony Financial, making it possible for our customer, Debbie, to sit back and enjoy a 0% interest rate on her new AC system!

Investing in Comfort:

Debbie’s investment into a new AC is two more summers of peace, comfort, and reduced energy costs! We are very proud to have helped make her home a cool oasis in the scorching Arizona summers.

Thinking About Upgrading Your AC System?

Call Olive Air and Heating today for your new AC system upgrade! Trane Systems to Match Both Your Needs and Your Budget We can help you find the right solution to maintain your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the summer. Contact us today at 480-420-7582, or contact us through our website at https://oliveairandheating.com/ to set up your consultation.

Cooling Success: Replacing a Faulty Capacitor in a Split Attic System

Cooling Success: Replacing a Faulty Capacitor in a Split Attic System

AC Servicing Repair: Replacing a Faulty Capacitor in a Split Attic System

Cooling Success: Replacing a Faulty Capacitor in a Split Attic System

AC Servicing Repair: The summer heat in Arizona is unrelenting and you need to have a running air conditioning system to save yourself from utter discomfort. One of our valued customers, Mark Hand was experiencing a common problem in an AC split attic system lately that was generating a lot of discomfort. This is how we transformed a “losing” situation into a cool refreshing win.

The Problem: No Airflow, No Cooling

Mark wrote us an email that his AC system was completely out of charge. It did not take long to diagnose the issue: A defective blower motor capacitor. A capacitor is easily the smallest part of the entire air conditioning system, but it serves such an important purpose in that it helps to power the blower motor, the part of the system that circulates air. It will prevent the blower motor from working if it goes out, so there will be no airflow and cooling.

Diagnosing the Issue

We had our expert technicians complete a full inspection of the AC System. We had already confirmed that the engine blower capacitor was broken. There are many reasons why capacitors fail, but the most common causes of capacitor failure are age and exposure to heat or electrical stress. In Mark’s case, the capacitor had just degraded over time.

The Solution: A New Capacitor

Replacing the blower motor capacitor is a simple yet high-priority fix. Mark’s AC system came with a new capacitor and was evacuated completely. All it took was this little switch and this was a LOT nicer. After the installation of the new capacitor, the blower motor was turning and cool air was once again circulating through the ducts.

Cooling Like a Champ

Got better instantly. Mark’s split attic system was once quiet but impotent, and now it was louder than any of the others and more effective to boot. And oh boy the cool air rolled in, Cold air is such a blessing in summer. The repair we performed not only improved comfort but also extended Mark’s air conditioner’s life.

A Happy Customer

We would like to thank Mark Hand for reaching out to us to help repair his AC. Across the board, customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we were happy to provide a solution that far surpassed all of our customer’s expectations. To prove our dedication, we offer a one-year warranty on all repairs, giving Mark and all customers confidence in us helping to get them to get back on the road safely.

Stay Cool and Comfortable

If you are having the same problems with your air conditioning system then give us a call today. If it is a bad capacitor or anything else we have you covered. Rely on our skill and commitment for a summer of cooling comfort in your house. Thanks for going with us, Mark! 💚

Call us at (480) 992-3052 or visit our website at https://oliveairandheating.com/ to schedule your appointment. Remember, Olive Air and Heating is here to keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long, even when your AC throws you a curveball!

This Goodman AC was definitely off-balance

This Goodman A was definitely off-balance

AC Repair: This Goodman A was definitely off-balance

This Goodman A was off-balance

Air Conditioning Repair: Phoenix has a very hot summer. Even more so when your air conditioner stops working and the sun is beating down on your house like it’s an oven. This is what Mr. and Mrs. William and Judi Shook went through. Until one day, their once-working Goodman AC started to hum and feel off balance. They knew just who to call… Air and heat from olives!

Unbalanced Act: A Wobbly Blower Wheel

When our certified technicians arrived at the Shook’s home, they were prepared to diagnose the problem. Upon further examination, it was discovered that the root of the problem was a damaged blower wheel and motor. Your Curtains The AC blower wheel helps circulate cool air through the home. It wobbles out of balance or it is already damaged, so it is no longer efficient and makes noise.

Restoring Harmony: Replacing the Blower Wheel & Motor

We value the functionality and efficiency of your summer cooling asset more than any other Air Conditioning Repair service in Phoenix, AZ. So how did we add back that cool comfort to the Shook house?

We replaced both the blower wheel and the motor with new Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Goodman parts for these units are designed for Goodman AC units for overall higher performance and compatibility.

Professional Installation: Our technicians are skilled at installing and replacing any air conditioning parts. They quickly removed and installed a new blower wheel and motor which ran correctly and efficiently.

Cellar Benefits: Even with the heater running, a few months earlier the Shook family was still enduring some noise from the blower and their cellar highs would be horrendous. The fresh out of the plastic new blower wheel and engine leaves the Shook’s AC altogether quiet. They can experience cool air circulation without the hassle of any noise disturbances.

A Cool and Harmonious Home (and Happy Shooks!)

After our skillful repair Mr. and Mrs. Shook can now, once again, live in a cool, comfortable house. What makes Olive Air and Heating the best?

Correct Diagnosis: Our mechanics never guess what’s wrong. They employ their knowledge to identify the exact root of the issue fixing it permanently.

High-Quality Components: To secure a long productive life and peace of mind, we use nothing but the best quality components.

Quick turnaround: We appreciate how quickly you want your air conditioner problem taken care of on a hot summer day. This is to ensure we offer you the earliest appointment possible and that we complete the recommended repair work swiftly.

Don’t Let Your AC Become Unbalanced!

Do not wait for your AC to eventually break down when you notice that it is not blowing icy-cold air or is making noises. Call Olive Air and Heating Today! Take the guesswork out of AC maintenance, we’ll diagnose the issue, make the appropriate recommendations, and get your air conditioning system working perfectly.

Make an Appointment for Your Next Heat Pump in Phoenix and Surrounding Areas Call Olive Air and Heating at (480) 914-3267 or visit us online at https://oliveairandheating.com to discuss your heat pump choice. As always, Olive Air and Heating are here for all your air conditioning needs this summer!

From Blown Fuses to Chewed Wires: How We Rescued Lukas’s AC Unit!

From Blown Fuses to Chewed Wires: How We Rescued Lukas's AC Unit!

AC REPAIR SERVICE: From Blown Fuses to Chewed Wires

From Blown Fuses to Chewed Wires: How We Rescued Lukas’s AC Unit!

AC Repair Service: Arizona heat is no joke, and when your AC goes down, you need to act quickly. Living on the first floor in summer can be a sweaty nightmare. Lukas Attridge discovered this firsthand when none of his AC units responded, leaving him facing a cascade of sweat. But fear not, Lukas! Olive Air and Heating are on another truth-finding mission unraveling the mysteries of a failed AC system, and this time… DOUBLE TROUBLE was the culprit.

Diagnosing the Double Trouble:

Our CMI-certified technicians showed up at Lukas’s house to solve the AC Repair Service. After a full inspection, they found the first part — a burnt fuse in the attic. Despite the appearances, this was a small problem causing a complete outage of the system, leaving Lukas and his family on the first floor with some unwanted warmth.

But the plot thickened! Upon closer examination, the architect of this chaos turned out to be a misbehaving pup who simply loved to chew on wires. The outdoor wires for the thermostat had been chewed by some mischievous creatures, causing an electrical short that disabled the AC system even further.

From Mystery to Mastery: Restoring Cool Comfort

We at Olive Air and Heating are pros at unraveling the most twisty AC problems. Read how we did it getting Lukas’s house cool again,

Our electrical technicians located the bad fuse in the evaporator housing, repaired the short, and replaced a fuse for everything to come back on.

Wiring Repair: We painstakingly repaired the exterminated outdoor thermostat wiring to ensure a correct electrical signal with the AC unit.

Safety first: Every single time we emphasized safety Technicians checked the area where the electrical short occurred for any possible hazards and everything was found to be okay.

A Cool and Happy Homeowner:

Our fast solution…now Lukas can breathe easier (and hopefully keep an eye on his furry electrician!) This is what differentiates Olive Air and Heating:

Competent Investigator: Our technicians are repair experts who come with a high level of exact diagnosis.

Permanent Solutions: We don’t just fix what is broken, we figure out what caused it to break and fix that.

Quick and Satisfactory Service: We know how desperate you would be if you’re having an AC issue on a hot day. This is why we schedule quickly and work to be there when we say we will be.

Don’t Let Your AC Become a Mystery!

Your AC will be a Riddle to you too soon – So, act in advance Call Olive Air and Heating today to book your AC service! Give us a call at (480) 608-9444 or log on to https://oliveairandheating.com/ to schedule your appointment.

But we are just a call away for your all AC-related needs…so come on…let the dogs mischief and fight for them, let them discover hidden treasures of the house, and explore much more!

AC Service Repair Uneven Chills?

Uneven Chills? Olive Air and Heating Solve Bill Fagan's Master Bedroom Mystery!

AC Service Repair: Uneven Chills?

AC Service Repair: Uneven Chills? Olive Air and Heating Solve Bill Fagan’s Master Bedroom Mystery!

AC Service Repair: Summer nights shouldn’t mean a sweaty bedroom. Bill Fagan learned this the hard way when his master bedroom stayed hot. But Bill knew who to call – Olive Air and Heating! Our experts quickly diagnosed a broken airflow control.

The Uneven Chill: A Broken Airflow Control

Our technicians arrived at Bill’s house and carefully listened to his concern about the uneven temperatures in several rooms. After a close look at the HVAC system, they found that a malfunction in airflow control for the second floor not only interfered with the cooling everywhere on that but also specifically the central area–which encompassed the Master bed’s chamber.

Unless airflow controls are working properly, various zones throughout your house stay at wildly different temperatures. If an airflow control fails, this delicate balance is interrupted – and parts of the house suddenly become too hot while others are icy cold.

Restoring Balance: Replacing the Airflow Controls

Whole House HVAC Systems by Olive Air and Heating See how we solved Bill’s master bedroom problem here.

  • The Right Diagnosis: We applied our skills accurately instead of wasting time on speculation. Their load of local knowledge enabled them to link the erratic cooling to a suspected broken airflow control, kick-starting a chain of actions by the company to diagnose and repair the fault.
  • Quick Repairs: We know how desperately you want to fix up that AC system in the middle of the hot Texan summer season. Both 2nd-floor airflow controls were replaced quickly by our technicians providing even, cool air throughout Bill’s entire home.
  • We ensure the comfort of the services: Our services are comfortable and we are very quality-conscious. Bill is now relieved knowing the airflow controls are working and every part of his house stays cool all summer.

Olive Air and Heating: Your Trusted AC Repair Experts in Gilbert

That is why what happened to Bill reminds us of the importance of professional services for the AC repair process. What Makes Olive Air And Heating Different

  • Trained Technicians: Our technicians are highly skilled and able to detect and fix any Air conditioning concern there is.
  • Fast Response: We know it is uncomfortable using a broken AC in the Arizona heat; That is why we schedule all service calls as soon as possible and we make sure we are on time when it comes to repair services.
  • Sustainability: We represent more than the quick contention Policy Expert: Our focus is beyond quick fixes We want to deliver permanent results that enhance the health of your AC system way into the future.

Don’t Let Uneven Cooling Ruin Your Summer!

If your home doesn’t do cool and stay cool, you don’t have to put up with it. Call today Olive Air and Heating Whether the air is only blowing out of the vents in your kitchen or it simply never feels cold wherever it reaches, our experienced technicians can pinpoint the problem, offer a solution, and keep your whole home cool and comfortable as the temperatures rise.

Contact us today or visit our website to set up a meeting and receive a free quote. I promise it will make you happy and give you a cool summer. https://oliveairandheating.com/

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine: AC Tune-up complete!

AC Tune-up complete!

Stitch in Time Saves Nine: Olive Air and Heating Prevent AC Disaster for Bessie Payan!

An effective air conditioning system is indispensable in the Arizona heat during summer. Fortunately, Bessie Payan understood this, so she called Olive Air and Heating to book an AC tune-up. What looked to be a simple service turned into a disaster and possible AC nightmare without it!

The Silent Threat: A Failing Fan Capacitor

Our certified technicians visited Bessie in her house and carried out a detailed 36-point inspection. At this inspection, they found a hidden peril: a fan capacitor… This important part helps your AC unit operate at peak efficiency. If one malfunctions the motor will overheat, which is when your system is going to go kaputty on the hottest day of the year.

Prevention is Key: The Benefits of AC Tune-Ups

Bessie’s story is an example of why regular AC tune-ups are so vital. This is why it’s so important to keep up with your annual tune-ups… with Olive Air and Heating!

Detect Problems

Before They Worsen, Our thorough inspection will find warning signs such as bad capacitors, before they snowball into a major emergency. This saves you the hassle of spending a lot of money on repairs and the equally tedious process of dealing with a breakdown in the peak of summer.

Top Operation:

A properly serviced AC unit runs more efficiently, so your home stays cool and nice and you do not waste energy and money.

Longer Life:

Tune-ups will help provide a longer life span for your AC system, saving you on early replacements.

Olive Air and Heating: Your AC Tune-Up and Repair Experts

Olive Air and Heating is dedicated to helping your home remain cool and pleasant every summer. Here’s what sets us apart:

Professional Technicians:

Our professional staff has the training and experience to which will diagnose and repair any AC problem.

In-Depth Tune-Ups:

This isn’t a check of the air filter. Every vital part is covered by our 36-point inspection.

Quick Service:

We know that on a 120-degree Arizona day, every minute the AC is out is torture. That’s why we schedule promptly and try to be on time, all the time.

Don’t Wait Until You’re Sweating It Out!

void these hidden issues and get hot weather comfort. Book Your AC Tune-Up with Olive Air and Heating Today! Contact us at 480-420-7582 or on our website at https://oliveairandheating.com/ to make your appointment now!

Remember, an AC tune-up is a smart investment that saves you money, keeps you cool, and extends the life of your system

Hot rooftop, cool solution! ️

AC Repair AZ: Hot Rooftop, Cool Solution

Hot rooftop, cool solution! ️

Hot Rooftop, Cool Solution: Olive Air & Heating Saves the Day!

AC Repair AZ: They’re not laughing in Arizona summers. When your air conditioner dame, your home becomes so infernally hot. That’s exactly what happened to Virginia Simson. The roof unit conked out, the temperature began to go up. However, don’t worry homeowners! Olive Air & Heating will make sure that you can always call on them, whatever the rooftop problems.

A Simple Fix with Big Results

When our technicians arrived at Virginia’s home, they used a specialized inspection and contamination elimination process. The culprit? Something straightforward — a broken thermostat! It teaches the idea that sometimes the smallest things create the largest problems. The thermostat had lost communication with the building management system and was quickly reprogrammed by our team to communicate successfully with the AC system. Virginia’s home was finally cooled once there was a flow of cold air.

Going the Extra Mile for Long-Term Comfort

At Olive Air & Heating, we believe in lasting solutions. We went beyond the initial fix to optimize Virginia’s AC performance for the future:

  • Compressor Start Kit Installation: This reduces wear and tear on the compressor, extending the unit’s lifespan and preventing future breakdowns.
  • Blower Motor Cleaning: Accumulated dust can hinder airflow and reduce efficiency. We thoroughly cleaned the blower motor, ensuring optimal air circulation and cool comfort throughout Virginia’s home.

Bonus Benefits for Loyal Customers

Virginia was presented with 1 year of a 2-unit maintenance plan for FREE, as a thank you for choosing Olive Air & Heating This excludes typical rooftop and inside licensed and essential maintenance checkups in case of a future problem and for a cold winter and cool summer.

Financing Options Available

We know that AC repair may be unexpected. Therefore, we now provide​ financing through Synchrony Financial. Virginia financed for 18 months to help her pay for the repairs while reorganizing the funds to be budget-friendly.

Don’t Let Your Rooftop Woes Get You Down!

It is similar to Virginia where you will have the benefit of rocking cool summer despite the burning heat of the rooftop. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in diagnosing and repairing problems quickly and ensuring your system is optimized for the long haul.

Contact us today for a free estimate! We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured knowing your home will be cool all summer long.

Don’t let leaks steal your cool!

The Cool Disappeared, But Olive Air and Heating Brought it Back !

Don't let leaks steal your cool!

Cool Disappeared, But Olive Air and Heating Brought it Back: Mr. Prudence’s AC Rescue Story!

AC Repair: The Arizona heat is no joke. It can make even the windiest day a hot hell. You can picture the frustration on Mr. Prudence’s face when his AC system, often his hot weather hero, began pumping out warm air. Let previews be the ones who bring leaks on a stone and not be like Mr. Prudence who freaked out over stuff he didn’t even mean to! Thanks to Olive Air and Heating, they were able to find and resolve the issue and get his AC running at full capacity again.

The Culprit Revealed: A Sneaky Refrigerant Leak

When Mr. Prudence called us, we scheduled a service appointment, and shortly after one of our licensed technicians was at his home to inspect the problem. After a detailed inspection, a refrigerant leak was the cause. Refrigerant – Your AC system’s lifeblood, the refrigerant absorbs the heat in your house and releases it outdoors. Which in many places meant your A/C would not cool you off anymore and — let me tell you — you would be hot and bothered.

From Leak to Relief: Olive Air and Heating’s AC Leak Repair Expertise

At Olive Air, be aware of how imperative it is to have a nice cool home, specifically in the middle of the Arizona heat. This is why Mr. Prudence was wise to call us.

Certified diagnosis:

Our team of experts has the training and experience necessary to find and determine the size of even the smallest refrigerant leak. They found it in short order, and he was able to get right back to his day.

Proficient Repair:

Not only do our technicians have a great ability to locate the issue, but they can remedy it effectively. Sealing the Leak, They were able to repair or seal wherever the leak was located by using high-quality materials and techniques to get the air command up and working back normally.

Permanent Fixes:

We know that a quick fix isn’t good enough. The Last Thing We Want Is for Mr. Prudence To Sweat Away Over Time. We use only the highest quality materials and construction methods to ensure longevity.

Peace of Mind with Our 1-Year Warranty and Maintenance Plan

We appreciate our customers and we do our best to give you Peace of Mind. That 1 year of warranty is not shabby at all for Mr. Prudence, he has peace of mind as he invested in the AC repair service from Mr. Prudence. We even gave him a 1-year free maintenance plan with his service. This approach includes routine monitoring to see any problems or if you want to avoid future leaks. Log Information Personal Injury Treatment, Slip, slide and fall injury hazards, …

Don’t Wait Until You’re Melted! Call Olive Air and Heating Today!

A refrigerant leak can turn your home into a mess and cause a lot of discomfort. Well, that same relief can be yours, friends, whether you are Mr. Prudence or not. Call Olive Air and Heating now! We will diagnose the problem, repair the leak, and keep you running all summer at our best capacity.

Contact us or visit our website to book an appointment for free estimates. We deliver satisfaction — and a comfortable house — guaranteed!


UPGRADE ALERT! New Heat Pump Unit

UPGRADE ALERT! New Heat Pump Unit!

an ALL-NEW Heat Pump unit installation project completed!

Upgrade Alert! Cheers to Cool Summers and Cozy Winters with Olive Air and Heating!

Thank you Laura Mahan for using Olive Air and Heating for your new heat pump unit upgrade! Laura has now experienced both the most optimum comfort and high efficiency –thanks to a 3-ton Trane heat pump system.

This powerhouse offers a 14.3 SEER rating to help you stay cool and comfortable in your Arizona home with budget-busting utility bills. These are just a few of the advantages, however! This is how Laura – can break down a cool new box:

  • Worry-Free Warrantees:

    Laura can sleep in peace by knowing that her money is covered. This system includes an industry-leading warranty package, including a 10-year compressor warranty, a 10-year parts
    warranty, and a 2-year labor warranty.

  • Proactive Maintenance:

    Laura received a free 2-year maintenance plan to help warranty maintaining peak operating for years of future use. This entitles you to regular maintenance visits from our factory-trained technicians, which helps to catch and fix potential problems and prolong the life of your system.

  • A New Digital Thermostat for Smart Control:

    Temperature control plus energy efficiency is brought to Laura in a sharp digital thermostat. These easy-to-use thermostats can be programmed and accessed from anywhere to provide the highest convenience and comfort.

Financing Made Easy with Synchrony Financial:

We realize that investing in a new air conditioning system is a big decision, so we try to make things simple. This is why we are excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Synchrony Financial for 0% financing on all new systems! It will help you budget to afford a more comfortable and energy-efficient home, instead of having to fork out that much in a single swoop.

Ready to Upgrade Your Comfort?

If you’re interested in home comfort and energy efficiency Laura, Olive Air, and Heating is here to help. We carry everything from HVAC systems to the finance options to get the HVAC in your budget.
Call Today For Your Free Consultation and Quote! Allow one of our professional technicians to help you find the right air conditioning and heating solution for your Mesa home. To find out more about payment options please do not hesitate to visit us at https://oliveairandheating.com/financing/, and schedule your appointment.

Cheers to a cool summer and a warm winter with Olive Air and Heating!

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