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Cooling Success: Replacing a Faulty Capacitor in a Split Attic System

AC Servicing Repair: Replacing a Faulty Capacitor in a Split Attic System

Cooling Success: Replacing a Faulty Capacitor in a Split Attic System

AC Servicing Repair: The summer heat in Arizona is unrelenting and you need to have a running air conditioning system to save yourself from utter discomfort. One of our valued customers, Mark Hand was experiencing a common problem in an AC split attic system lately that was generating a lot of discomfort. This is how we transformed a “losing” situation into a cool refreshing win.

The Problem: No Airflow, No Cooling

Mark wrote us an email that his AC system was completely out of charge. It did not take long to diagnose the issue: A defective blower motor capacitor. A capacitor is easily the smallest part of the entire air conditioning system, but it serves such an important purpose in that it helps to power the blower motor, the part of the system that circulates air. It will prevent the blower motor from working if it goes out, so there will be no airflow and cooling.

Diagnosing the Issue

We had our expert technicians complete a full inspection of the AC System. We had already confirmed that the engine blower capacitor was broken. There are many reasons why capacitors fail, but the most common causes of capacitor failure are age and exposure to heat or electrical stress. In Mark’s case, the capacitor had just degraded over time.

The Solution: A New Capacitor

Replacing the blower motor capacitor is a simple yet high-priority fix. Mark’s AC system came with a new capacitor and was evacuated completely. All it took was this little switch and this was a LOT nicer. After the installation of the new capacitor, the blower motor was turning and cool air was once again circulating through the ducts.

Cooling Like a Champ

Got better instantly. Mark’s split attic system was once quiet but impotent, and now it was louder than any of the others and more effective to boot. And oh boy the cool air rolled in, Cold air is such a blessing in summer. The repair we performed not only improved comfort but also extended Mark’s air conditioner’s life.

A Happy Customer

We would like to thank Mark Hand for reaching out to us to help repair his AC. Across the board, customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we were happy to provide a solution that far surpassed all of our customer’s expectations. To prove our dedication, we offer a one-year warranty on all repairs, giving Mark and all customers confidence in us helping to get them to get back on the road safely.

Stay Cool and Comfortable

If you are having the same problems with your air conditioning system then give us a call today. If it is a bad capacitor or anything else we have you covered. Rely on our skill and commitment for a summer of cooling comfort in your house. Thanks for going with us, Mark! 💚

Call us at (480) 992-3052 or visit our website at https://oliveairandheating.com/ to schedule your appointment. Remember, Olive Air and Heating is here to keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long, even when your AC throws you a curveball!

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