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The Cool Disappeared, But Olive Air and Heating Brought it Back !

Don't let leaks steal your cool!

Cool Disappeared, But Olive Air and Heating Brought it Back: Mr. Prudence’s AC Rescue Story!

AC Repair: The Arizona heat is no joke. It can make even the windiest day a hot hell. You can picture the frustration on Mr. Prudence’s face when his AC system, often his hot weather hero, began pumping out warm air. Let previews be the ones who bring leaks on a stone and not be like Mr. Prudence who freaked out over stuff he didn’t even mean to! Thanks to Olive Air and Heating, they were able to find and resolve the issue and get his AC running at full capacity again.

The Culprit Revealed: A Sneaky Refrigerant Leak

When Mr. Prudence called us, we scheduled a service appointment, and shortly after one of our licensed technicians was at his home to inspect the problem. After a detailed inspection, a refrigerant leak was the cause. Refrigerant – Your AC system’s lifeblood, the refrigerant absorbs the heat in your house and releases it outdoors. Which in many places meant your A/C would not cool you off anymore and — let me tell you — you would be hot and bothered.

From Leak to Relief: Olive Air and Heating’s AC Leak Repair Expertise

At Olive Air, be aware of how imperative it is to have a nice cool home, specifically in the middle of the Arizona heat. This is why Mr. Prudence was wise to call us.

Certified diagnosis:

Our team of experts has the training and experience necessary to find and determine the size of even the smallest refrigerant leak. They found it in short order, and he was able to get right back to his day.

Proficient Repair:

Not only do our technicians have a great ability to locate the issue, but they can remedy it effectively. Sealing the Leak, They were able to repair or seal wherever the leak was located by using high-quality materials and techniques to get the air command up and working back normally.

Permanent Fixes:

We know that a quick fix isn’t good enough. The Last Thing We Want Is for Mr. Prudence To Sweat Away Over Time. We use only the highest quality materials and construction methods to ensure longevity.

Peace of Mind with Our 1-Year Warranty and Maintenance Plan

We appreciate our customers and we do our best to give you Peace of Mind. That 1 year of warranty is not shabby at all for Mr. Prudence, he has peace of mind as he invested in the AC repair service from Mr. Prudence. We even gave him a 1-year free maintenance plan with his service. This approach includes routine monitoring to see any problems or if you want to avoid future leaks. Log Information Personal Injury Treatment, Slip, slide and fall injury hazards, …

Don’t Wait Until You’re Melted! Call Olive Air and Heating Today!

A refrigerant leak can turn your home into a mess and cause a lot of discomfort. Well, that same relief can be yours, friends, whether you are Mr. Prudence or not. Call Olive Air and Heating now! We will diagnose the problem, repair the leak, and keep you running all summer at our best capacity.

Contact us or visit our website to book an appointment for free estimates. We deliver satisfaction — and a comfortable house — guaranteed!


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