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AC Repair Done! Abhishek Vashistha: AC Repair Excellence by Olive Air and Heating LLC

Olive Air: Air Conditioning Repair Done!

AC Repair Done! Abhishek Vashistha: AC Repair Excellence by Olive Air and Heating LLC

A Cooling Crisis Unveiled

Air Conditioning Repair Done: When the weather scorches, it gets especially hot inside a Carrier split system connected to Abhishek Vashistha’s home in his otherwise peaceful South Riding neighborhood. He wanted it fixed quickly, so he called the AC repair service from Olive Air and Heating LLC in Gilbert AZ.

Diagnosing the Issue

After inspection, Olive Air and Heating LLC zeroed in on Abhishek’s faulty ECM blower as the reason behind his cooling problems. They removed the attic blower motor very quickly and replaced it with a brand new Carrier OEM ECM model as we are under parts warranty, they want to be sure you have the right performance equipment.

Restoring Refreshing Air

After the swap, Olive Air and Heating LLC ran several tests to verify that everything was working accordingly among other things. Almost immediately his house filled with cool fresh air again, forgetting all the dank extremely hot summer coming from outside.

Guaranteeing Peace of Mind

Repairs are fully warrantied for 1 year with Olive Air and Heating LLC. This dedication gives Abhishek a sense of security as he precisely knows that his AC system is safe from unexpected glitches.

There you go: The Solution to Your Air Conditioning Woes

You want a professional and speedy solution when AC troubles invade your comfort. This is evident through Abhishek Vashistha, who demonstrates his experienced service to ensure your cool and comfortable experience every time.

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