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From Blown Fuses to Chewed Wires: How We Rescued Lukas's AC Unit!

AC REPAIR SERVICE: From Blown Fuses to Chewed Wires

From Blown Fuses to Chewed Wires: How We Rescued Lukas’s AC Unit!

AC Repair Service: Arizona heat is no joke, and when your AC goes down, you need to act quickly. Living on the first floor in summer can be a sweaty nightmare. Lukas Attridge discovered this firsthand when none of his AC units responded, leaving him facing a cascade of sweat. But fear not, Lukas! Olive Air and Heating are on another truth-finding mission unraveling the mysteries of a failed AC system, and this time… DOUBLE TROUBLE was the culprit.

Diagnosing the Double Trouble:

Our CMI-certified technicians showed up at Lukas’s house to solve the AC Repair Service. After a full inspection, they found the first part — a burnt fuse in the attic. Despite the appearances, this was a small problem causing a complete outage of the system, leaving Lukas and his family on the first floor with some unwanted warmth.

But the plot thickened! Upon closer examination, the architect of this chaos turned out to be a misbehaving pup who simply loved to chew on wires. The outdoor wires for the thermostat had been chewed by some mischievous creatures, causing an electrical short that disabled the AC system even further.

From Mystery to Mastery: Restoring Cool Comfort

We at Olive Air and Heating are pros at unraveling the most twisty AC problems. Read how we did it getting Lukas’s house cool again,

Our electrical technicians located the bad fuse in the evaporator housing, repaired the short, and replaced a fuse for everything to come back on.

Wiring Repair: We painstakingly repaired the exterminated outdoor thermostat wiring to ensure a correct electrical signal with the AC unit.

Safety first: Every single time we emphasized safety Technicians checked the area where the electrical short occurred for any possible hazards and everything was found to be okay.

A Cool and Happy Homeowner:

Our fast solution…now Lukas can breathe easier (and hopefully keep an eye on his furry electrician!) This is what differentiates Olive Air and Heating:

Competent Investigator: Our technicians are repair experts who come with a high level of exact diagnosis.

Permanent Solutions: We don’t just fix what is broken, we figure out what caused it to break and fix that.

Quick and Satisfactory Service: We know how desperate you would be if you’re having an AC issue on a hot day. This is why we schedule quickly and work to be there when we say we will be.

Don’t Let Your AC Become a Mystery!

Your AC will be a Riddle to you too soon – So, act in advance Call Olive Air and Heating today to book your AC service! Give us a call at (480) 608-9444 or log on to https://oliveairandheating.com/ to schedule your appointment.

But we are just a call away for your all AC-related needs…so come on…let the dogs mischief and fight for them, let them discover hidden treasures of the house, and explore much more!

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