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AC Repair AZ: Hot Rooftop, Cool Solution

Hot rooftop, cool solution! ️

Hot Rooftop, Cool Solution: Olive Air & Heating Saves the Day!

AC Repair AZ: They’re not laughing in Arizona summers. When your air conditioner dame, your home becomes so infernally hot. That’s exactly what happened to Virginia Simson. The roof unit conked out, the temperature began to go up. However, don’t worry homeowners! Olive Air & Heating will make sure that you can always call on them, whatever the rooftop problems.

A Simple Fix with Big Results

When our technicians arrived at Virginia’s home, they used a specialized inspection and contamination elimination process. The culprit? Something straightforward — a broken thermostat! It teaches the idea that sometimes the smallest things create the largest problems. The thermostat had lost communication with the building management system and was quickly reprogrammed by our team to communicate successfully with the AC system. Virginia’s home was finally cooled once there was a flow of cold air.

Going the Extra Mile for Long-Term Comfort

At Olive Air & Heating, we believe in lasting solutions. We went beyond the initial fix to optimize Virginia’s AC performance for the future:

  • Compressor Start Kit Installation: This reduces wear and tear on the compressor, extending the unit’s lifespan and preventing future breakdowns.
  • Blower Motor Cleaning: Accumulated dust can hinder airflow and reduce efficiency. We thoroughly cleaned the blower motor, ensuring optimal air circulation and cool comfort throughout Virginia’s home.

Bonus Benefits for Loyal Customers

Virginia was presented with 1 year of a 2-unit maintenance plan for FREE, as a thank you for choosing Olive Air & Heating This excludes typical rooftop and inside licensed and essential maintenance checkups in case of a future problem and for a cold winter and cool summer.

Financing Options Available

We know that AC repair may be unexpected. Therefore, we now provide​ financing through Synchrony Financial. Virginia financed for 18 months to help her pay for the repairs while reorganizing the funds to be budget-friendly.

Don’t Let Your Rooftop Woes Get You Down!

It is similar to Virginia where you will have the benefit of rocking cool summer despite the burning heat of the rooftop. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in diagnosing and repairing problems quickly and ensuring your system is optimized for the long haul.

Contact us today for a free estimate! We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured knowing your home will be cool all summer long.

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