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Conquer Dust Bunnies, Conquer Costs: Simple Hacks for Cleaner Air & Happy AC!

Indoor Air Quality 101: Prevent AC Repair this Summer with these Simple Hacks!

Conquer Dust Bunnies, Conquer Costs: Simple Hacks for Cleaner Air & Happy AC!

Indoor Air Quality: Sure, one of the requirements of living in Gilbert is going to be to deal with the Arizona heat but why would you want to fight a losing battle with an air conditioning unit that can barely hold itself up? So save yourself the headache (and the misting expense) and be downright comfortable this summer. of AC repair with these simple hacks that help keep the air cleaner and your AC happy.

Your Secret Weapons for a Cool and Healthy Haven:

The cool, clean, and healthy home of your dreams is already right there hiding in plain sight, so put down those expensive upgrades, as these tools are your friends: houseplants, your reliable vacuum cleaner, fresh air filters, and an early-evening break for air conditioning maintenance.


Houseplants are more than just an added touch of greenery in your home; they are living, breathing air cleaners. Common houseplants such as spider plants, peace lilies, and snake plants help to extract pollutants from the air and add fresh oxygen to the air, thus helping in a cleaner and healthier environment. Natural adds an element of calm and relaxation into your space too.


The Dust-Busting Hero: Dust bunnies are sneaky saboteurs of air quality indoors. Just to get kicked up back into the air you breathe, they hide in carpets, furniture, and corners. Vacuum regularly to wipe out these villains of dust, which can slip through your AC filters and slow down the efficiency of the system.

Change is Your Friend Filter Frenzy:

A dirty air filter is the same as sucking on a straw you’re expectations, a clogged one – it requires more effort to get the same amount of air (and cooling) in your system. Replacing your air filter every 1-3 months (depending on usage and environment) = ideal airflow and efficiency for your AC unit. However, it stops more dust from accumulating inside the system by reducing wear and tear and the risk of expensive repairs.

Schedule AC TLC: An Ounce of Prevention…

While you have an expert provide your car with regular tune-ups, your A/C also gets the same kind of professional attention. Putting on your calendar that yearly little check-up with a pro is an investment that returns in spades. She will get regular check-ups by technicians who will catch smaller issues before they become larger ones. That’s good for the environment and your wallet in the long run, not to mention all the summer meltdowns it will prevent.

Simple Steps, Big Rewards:

Implement these easy tips into your regimen and you will breathe a sigh of relief and avoid all the headaches.. and costs of doing so. of mid-summer AC repairs. Yours will run nonstop all season long and possibly more in the off-season Picture clean cool air, all season long and a break for that hardworking AC thanks to you!

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