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Chad Holliday's AC Maintenance Experience

AC Maintenance Service: Look! AC Maintenance Done!

Chad Holliday’s AC Maintenance Experience

AC Maintenance Service: Here’s what Chad recently said about our comprehensive AC tune-up service at Olive Air & Heating, LLC for his 8-year-old Lennox system.

Thorough Inspection and Cleaning

We checked the coolant levels to make sure Chad’s system was functioning as efficiently. As this directly affects the cooling, poor coolant levels cause increased energy use. so, making sure that I have enough water in my radiator was a very important step for me the next step was cleaning the condenser coils. The system is operating with dirty coils that may cause it to overheat and operate inefficiently, costing you more energy bills and copy space. We made sure to wash out Chad’s coils so that his unit would be problem-free for the upcoming season.

Additional Maintenance Services

We did not stop with simply a tune-up. To ensure your A/C unit runs smoothly, we monitored thermostat settings, inspected ductwork for leaks, and lubricated moving parts. These steps are crucial for optimal performance and durability during hot summer days. Chad was especially impressed by our thoroughness and comprehensive scope.

Benefits of Our Maintenance Plan

Chad now enjoys several unique benefits by selecting our maintenance plan, including:

  • First in Line: Anytime Chad needs help, he receives the most immediate service available to get his AC system back up and running.
  • Auto-repair discounts: He gets an automatic repair discount for any needed repairs making his unit more affordable to take care of.
  • Validate that full-year warranty: Chad knows if there are any issues with the system they will be addressed promptly, without additional costs. Full-Year Warranty

Join Chad and Keep Your AC Running Smoothly

Well, Thanks Chad for sharing such an amazing experience and proving that with regular AC maintenance, we are safe. With our one-of-a-kind tune-up, he has ensured the durability and functionality of his Lennox system. We are ready to help maintain your AC in top shape. Sign up here to join Chad and, consequently, start following a maintenance plan.

Thank You, Chad Holliday!

Thank you Chad Holliday for allowing us to take care of your AC upkeep. At Olive Air & Heating, LLC in Gilbert, AZ, we prioritize your comfort above all else. Consequently, our services reflect this dedication. Contact us today to arrange your tune-up and a more comfortable home all year round!

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