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Mystery Solved! AC Tune-Up

Mystery Solved! Olive Air and Heating Keeps Ron Lunstord Cool and Safe.

Our recent AC tune-up thank-you to Ron Lunstord for having faith in Olive Air and Heating! Exactly like Ron, various homeowners have moments when their air conditioning system just seems to start acting up. The air may not be as cold as it once was, or maybe strange noises are coming from your ducts. This is not an issue for people living in Mesa! Olive Air and Heating will tell you the cause of any AC anomaly, ensuring that your home stays at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Ron’s AC Mystery: Solved by Our 36-Point Inspection

When Ron got in touch with us, the performance of his AC system just wasn’t up to snuff. Our licensed technician showed up right away, giving a top-to-bottom 36-point examination in hopes of finding what ailed the unit. This kind of thorough search goes much further than merely examining air filters and so on-it ensures that everything (which should be running smoothly) will The certified technician quickly ruled out all the major culprits.

Here’s a glimpse into what our technicians look for during a tune-up:

Maximum Cooling Performance:

Your system’s coils and coolant levels will be checked with great care to ensure that they are functioning at their best for you. However, if the coils are dirty or the coolant level is low cool air in your home can diminish significantly thus leaving one feeling kind of hot and uncomfortable.

Unrestricted Airflow:

For even air conditioning throughout your house, good airflow is essential. Our technicians will go over vents, ductwork, and the blower motor with a fine-tooth comb to hunt down any sources of awkward airflow and then deal effectively with each one itself.

Control of Comfort Temperatures:

One fly in the ointment of your entire air conditioning system can be a badly calibrated thermostat. We will make sure your thermostat is functioning accurately and also keeps your home at just the temperature you want.

Safety First:

We are concerned foremost about your safety. Electrical connections throughout the system they checked increasingly carefully to guard against accidentally shorting out large parts of your equipment. In addition, drainage systems are checked for leaks and to ensure that no soupy build-up of water starts molding a whole new environment in which to thrive.

In this instance, when our technician carried out a thorough inspection, he discovered the cause of the problems immediately and brought an end to them effectively. So now, Ron persists in air forms from Olive Air Conditioning & Heating. All rooms have cool pleasure: thanks to a comprehensive AC maintenance checkup by Olive Air Conditioning & Heating!

Take Advantage of Our Special Offer!

The comfort and cost efficiency (not unlike what you get with a car) of year ‘ year-round air conditioning depend not only on keeping your system performing in tip-top condition but also on maintaining it. You don’t want to worry that your air conditioning system iced up completely and shut itself off just after dark– especially when we might be able to provide a special discount if you give us the heads up this month. But for a limited time only, we’re offering the same comprehensive 36-point inspection for just $49 (usually priced at $79). Don’t miss out on a chance to make sure your AC is off to a good start for the coming Arizona summer!

Contact Olive Air and Heating Today!

When conventional routines become unreliable it is time to replace them. Make an appointment for your annual AC tune-up today! Our trained and certified technicians will check to make sure your system is both performing efficiently and protecting your Mesa home from the outside heat. Call or scour the web for information and to schedule an appointment. Rest easy with Olive Air and Heating taking care of your AC!

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