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Debbie Kosek Levels Up Her Comfort with a New AC System from Olive Air and Heating!

AC Installation Project: New AC Installation Project! Done!

Debbie Kosek Levels Up Her Comfort with a New AC System from Olive Air and Heating!

AC Installation Project: Olive Air and Heating are already excited about the bright, air-conditioned future of Debbie Kosek! Debbie has a brand new 4-ton Trane split AC/gas to keep her warm for Arizona summers. Blended with ENERGY STAR certification, impeccable 10-year warranty, and other innovative features, it’s a top-of-the-line system that makes sure Debbie enjoys amazing cool indoor walls for many years.

Unpacking Debbie’s New AC System:

AC Installation Project: Here’s a breakdown of what Debbie’s new system offers:
Energy Efficient Cooling:

This 2-speed, 16 SEER system provides high-efficiency cooling, allowing you to stay cool all through the summer and save money on your energy bills.

Sustainable Performance:

Debbie can rest easy with a 10-year compressor warranty, a 10-year parts warranty, and a 2-year labor warranty from American Style Refrigeration.

The smart home integration

Some Wi-Fi thermostats can even be controlled from anywhere at any time. Control the thermostats, program the sensors, and come home to everything being set up the way you want it you can thank your smartphone for doing much of that for you.

The Change:

Debbie decided that for her new system, safety was a must so she added a water safety switch that detects leaking water and initiates a shutdown as soon as it senses water damage. A new drain pan helps prevent leaks, electrical disconnect for safe service

True preventative maintenance: +1 FREE year of preventative maintenance ensuring your system remains in peak operating condition. A full inspection and cleaning is necessary to keep your system running at peak performance by our technicians.

Financing Made Easy:

At Olive Air and Heating, we recognize what it means to provide solutions at affordable rates. This is why we provide financing options from Synchrony Financial, making it possible for our customer, Debbie, to sit back and enjoy a 0% interest rate on her new AC system!

Investing in Comfort:

Debbie’s investment into a new AC is two more summers of peace, comfort, and reduced energy costs! We are very proud to have helped make her home a cool oasis in the scorching Arizona summers.

Thinking About Upgrading Your AC System?

Call Olive Air and Heating today for your new AC system upgrade! Trane Systems to Match Both Your Needs and Your Budget We can help you find the right solution to maintain your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the summer. Contact us today at 480-420-7582, or contact us through our website at https://oliveairandheating.com/ to set up your consultation.

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