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Don't Let a Power Surge Ruin Your Comfort: The Benefits of Preventative AC Maintenance!

Expert AC Maintenance: Preventative AC Maintenance Done!

Don’t Let a Power Surge Ruin Your Comfort: The Benefits of Preventative AC Maintenance!

Expert AC Maintenance: Picture this It’s a hot AZ summer day and your AC takes a break. You dial the thermostat down only for hot air to blow. Panic sets in! Thankfully this week, this was not the case for our client, John Russo.

John said his air conditioner was not cooling well. Our technicians quickly answered his call, visited his home, and checked his rooftop unit. It is good to note that the unit was working fine during the inspection. THE LOWDOWN Did a power surge knock out your compressor earlier in the week and trip them on a high load to keep them from overloading?

A Close Call Highlights the Importance of Maintenance

Although John narrowly avoided a hot and miserable round of golf, this scenario proves one thing for certain – preventative AC maintenance is key! Routine upkeep will not only keep your system running but will catch any potential problems before they become major problems.

Introducing Olive Air and Heating’s Maintenance Plan:

Our team at Olive Air and Heating has a maintenance plan for you, to ensure your air conditioning runs strong and dependable throughout the whole year. Here’s what’s included:

Semi-Annual To Efficiency:

The ultimate in-home comfort convenience, get two tune-ups once per year: one for your AC and one for your heating. The additional 36-point inspection will be taken care of by our technicians to make sure that all systems are running as well as they should. These tune-ups also include changing your air filters (you provide them, and we replace them) as well.

Good Housekeeping:

A happy AC is a clean AC We will clean your drain line and outdoor coil once per year to keep it problem-free and maximize its performance.

Priority Service

Maintenance plan members get priority over non-plan customers when you need us most. That translates into less waiting and quicker response to any AC problems you may have.


Take advantage of discounts on repairs and services! With your plan, you will get a 15% discount on repair services, and with a new unit replacement, you will earn 5% in savings, which over time can be significant savings of money.


Keep your parts, repairs, and labor within our full 1-year warranty. Non-plan customers get only 30 days warranty.

Above and Beyond Maintenance:

Our plan provides more than just your typical tune-up and signs your furnace needs to be replaced. You save money on your energy bills when your system runs more efficiently and by catching problems before they result in unexpected breakdowns. This plan is also fully transferable; thus also enriching the value of your home.

Invest in Your Comfort:

Do not run out of power or any other near-miss before you do something about this. Having the Olive Air and Heating maintenance plan represents an investment in your comfort, in your peace of mind, and perhaps, in your wallet! Let us know today for more information and to schedule your first tune-up!

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