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Only a locally owned HVAC company understands the harsh temperatures your unit has to battle. Trust us to be its most valuable ally!

Arizona is known for its desert climate, with summer highs regularly reaching 105 degrees but sometimes transcending to 111. If the inside of your home sometimes climbs to the same scorching temperatures, you likely need an AC installation or replacement in Gilbert, AZ, and the surrounding areas. Olive Air & Heating, LLC provides residential and commercial AC services for optimal cooling all season.

When Do You Need AC Installation?

Air conditioners last ten years on average, sometimes up to 15, with proper care. However, the AC systems in Gilbert tend to have shorter lifespans due to the high temperatures forcing the unit to work harder daily. Without semi-annual professional maintenance catching minor issues before they take a toll on the entire unit’s functionality, your system may only provide comfort for half as long as intended.

Luckily, telltale signs of an air conditioner unit’s deterioration warn you to take action (whether undergoing a repair or replacement) before a complete shutdown ensues. Commonly observed issues include:

  • Constant repairs: Occasional repairs occur, but repairs can become more common and costly. As a rule of thumb, if one repair costs half your original installation price, consider an HVAC replacement.
  • The unit doesn’t match the thermostat settings: If your system doesn’t cool your home fast enough or seems to run longer, your system will long-cycle. It’ll pull more energy from your grid and overwork your unit to premature deterioration without relieving indoor discomfort.
  • High humidity: Anything from dirty coils and filters to a low refrigerant charge can cause high humidity. However, if no repairs alleviate stuffiness or dampness, you need a new AC installation.

Call for immediate assistance after noticing the above to keep dangerous temperatures out of your home and maintain your family’s health and well-being.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a New Air Conditioner?

The biggest benefit associated with a new cooling system stems from the overall cost effectiveness. Rather than repeatedly paying for pricey repairs that don’t fix the issue for long, ensuring you’ll need a new installation down the line anyway, purchase a new unit. Although they have a high upfront price, you likely won’t need repairs until after a few seasons of use. Because the new unit also proves more energy efficient, using less energy to create the same cooling power, you’ll also enjoy lower utility bills. However, you’ll benefit from more than just saving money, including:

  • Enhanced comfort from better airflow, which creates a cooler climate faster
  • Quality indoor air since dust and debris doesn’t exist in the new unit
  • Near-silent operation since advanced options create less noise

For Trained HVAC Technicians Throughout the Greater Phoenix Area!

Once our specialized team measures the square footage of your home and considers your household layout and preferences, we’ll match you with the appropriate unit. Our licensed and contracted technicians will walk you through the one-day installation process. Call Olive Air & Heating, LLC at (480) 490-2950 to schedule an AC installation in Gilbert and the surrounding Arizona areas today!