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Mesa’s Most Reliable AC Repair Service

Mesa’s average summer lows of around 80 degrees are considered yearly highs in nearby Northern states. That means only residents in our and surrounding cities fathom the lethargy that comes with regular 106-degree highs. The only salvation we receive on days like these is shade from direct rays and indoor cooling, making an AC repair in Mesa, AZ, and surrounding areas necessary when issues arise. 

With dozens of possible issues, hundreds of unit makes and models on the market, and different unit types, it’s easy to get turned around. However, thanks to our A+ services and years of experience, you can trust that our licensed and trained technicians at Olive Air & Heating, LLC, have seen it all and know how to get your system off its last leg. 

When Do You Need An AC Repair In Mesa, AZ?

Upon noticing anything unusual about the way your unit functions, it’s time to call your neighborhood specialists. Usually, concerns start with abnormal noises. Air conditioners don’t run completely silent since there’s a slight hum as the motor operates and popping in the vents as ducts expand and contract. However, alarming sounds include buzzing or rattling from loose parts, squealing from air leaks, and banging or grinding from parts coming in contact, to name a few. If sounds aren’t your primary concern, you may instead notice one or more of the following:

  • Little to no airflow, sometimes because of blocked filters or dust and debris buildup somewhere in the system
  • Warm air from low refrigerant or thermostat malfunctions
  • Higher energy bills because your unit is working harder to function
  • Long or short cycling from inadequately sized units or false thermostat readings
  • Unusual smells like exhaust fumes, skunk odors, and gas coming from the unit

What Can An AC Repair In Mesa, AZ, Do For You?

During an AC repair in Mesa, AZ, your trusted Olive Air & Heating technician listens to your concerns and takes apart the entire unit to find the culprit. We also inspect all other parts to ensure other problems aren’t on the rise after repairing, replacing, or tightening worn, broken, or loose parts, respectively. Once complete, we’ll leave you with a more efficient system. That means you can also enjoy lower energy bills and a higher cooling capacity. Other benefits of repairs include:

  • Fewer and cheaper repairs needed down the line 
  • A longer unit lifespan, which means it’ll be a while before your next installation 
  • Faster cooling time and more uniform temperatures

High-Class Services With One Call!

At Olive Air & Heating, LLC, we provide immediate services with punctual visits, 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed, and transparent prices for the most comfortable experience. Call (480) 490-2950 for AC repairs and other HVAC services in Mesa, AZ, and surrounding areas today!