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When a worn unit is the only thing standing between you and an ideal indoor controlled climate, trust our specialized HVAC team for a top-tier replacement!

Gilbert, AZ, temperatures regularly surpass 100 degrees during the summer months, making your air conditioner your greatest ally. It keeps your home comfortable and your family safe during heat waves, but when on the fritz, it becomes your greatest letdown. Save yourself the aggravation of banging on the unit, hoping it’ll power on by calling Olive Air & Heating LLC for an AC replacement from the experts.

When Should I Replace My AC Unit?

Although air conditioner units can last up to 15 years with proper care, you should replace them after the 10 year mark, especially if you notice unusual behavior. That’s because these behaviors, which include unusual noises, foul odors, and inadequate cooling or air quality, usually precede a system breakdown this far into its lifespan.

You should also replace your unit if AC repairs become frequent or more expensive since these costs add up over the years, outweighing the price of a new, more efficient unit. Other signs you should replace your existing system include:

  • Outdated Equipment
  • Inefficiency
  • Higher Bills

Outdated Equipment

Older units run on obsolete equipment, including R-22 Freon, which the Environmental Protection Agency discontinued since it proved harmful to the ozone layer. So if your unit still runs on it or requires parts no longer manufactured for successful repairs, you’ll need a new one.


Despite the number of repairs your unit undergoes, it still runs extensively as it tries to match your thermostat setting, struggling to create a cold indoor environment.

Higher Bills

As your unit works harder to override deficiencies in the system or runs longer to create your desired temperatures, it pulls more energy from your utility grid, costing more monthly.

Why Are AC Replacements Beneficial?

Even though a repair may seem more economical initially, a replacement saves you money in the long run, especially if repairs begin costing up to half the amount of your original air conditioning system installation. Other AC replacement benefits include the following:

  • More pleasing while functioning since it works more quietly than older models and has a sleek design that rivals the bulkier appearance of older units
  • Programmable and smart technologies that allow you to preset temperatures or control them from your electronic devices, respectively
  • A higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 14 and up, meaning your unit produces more cooling power for optimal comfort while using less energy to run, making it easier on your monthly bills and proving more environmentally friendly

Your Comfort Is Our #1 Concern!

AC systems comprise numerous components. If one fails, your entire unit suffers. Therefore, upon noticing any new or alarming behavior, contact Olive Air & Heating, LLC in Gilbert, AZ, and surrounding areas. Our licensed and contracted team of technicians with years of experience will thoroughly examine your unit and determine the best course of action, whether that includes a repair or an AC replacement. Call (480) 490-2950 to schedule services today!