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Low 30 degree weather is freezing temperatures to us Arizona residents since we are used to the heat. To combat the cold weather winter brings, you need to have a reliable heating system for your home. Olive Air offers heating maintenance, repair, and installation for many different types of systems and models.

Our Heating Services In The Phoenix Area:

  • Heater repair and replacement
  • Heating maintenance services
  • Heat pump repair and replacement
  • Furnace repair and replacement
  • New heater installation services

Heating Repair

Dealing with a broken heater in 30 degree temperatures is an uncomfortable nightmare. Olive Air’s trained technicians can help diagnose and repair your heating system to restore your comfort as quickly as possible. To help avoid repairs this season, pay attention to these heater warning signs:

Unusual Odor

If you notice an abnormal smell when your heating system is on, it could be a sign something is not quite right. Before calling your Olive AIr technician for heating repair, first check to see if your system needs a new air filter. If the air filter is clean, the burning odor is likely a sign of a broken part and should be addressed by a professional.

Short Cycling

Short cycling means your heater continuously turns on and off. Typically, this is an indicator of an overheated system. If overheated, the heater turns off and on once again when cooled down. This is a sign there is a malfunction somewhere within your system and will likely need repair soon.

High Utility Bills

It is important to pay attention to your utility bills for many reasons, but one being they are almost always a telltale sign that your heating and cooling system needs repair. If your monthly bills have skyrocketed, give us a call to examine your system and lower your bills.

Heat pump installed on a brick wall

Heating Maintenance

To prevent heater breakdowns and costly repairs, let Olive Air service your heating system before the winter season begins. Your system works hard to maintain your comfort, and it is important to ensure each part is functioning properly. Our highly trained, expert technicians can catch a problem before it arises with our heater maintenance to allow you to enjoy the winter season and all the festivities with ease.

Heating Installation

If you are in the market for a new system, let us help you make the right heating decision for you and your home. We only want the best of the best for our customers, while ensuring we remain in your budget.

Signs You Need To Replace Your Heater

  • If your unit is 10 years or older
  • Inadequate heating
  • Frequent repairs
  • Unusual, consistent noises
  • Poor air quality

Olive Air technicians are trained to install all types of heating systems and models. Give us a call to install your heating system in no time!