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This Goodman A was definitely off-balance

AC Repair: This Goodman A was definitely off-balance

This Goodman A was off-balance

Air Conditioning Repair: Phoenix has a very hot summer. Even more so when your air conditioner stops working and the sun is beating down on your house like it’s an oven. This is what Mr. and Mrs. William and Judi Shook went through. Until one day, their once-working Goodman AC started to hum and feel off balance. They knew just who to call… Air and heat from olives!

Unbalanced Act: A Wobbly Blower Wheel

When our certified technicians arrived at the Shook’s home, they were prepared to diagnose the problem. Upon further examination, it was discovered that the root of the problem was a damaged blower wheel and motor. Your Curtains The AC blower wheel helps circulate cool air through the home. It wobbles out of balance or it is already damaged, so it is no longer efficient and makes noise.

Restoring Harmony: Replacing the Blower Wheel & Motor

We value the functionality and efficiency of your summer cooling asset more than any other Air Conditioning Repair service in Phoenix, AZ. So how did we add back that cool comfort to the Shook house?

We replaced both the blower wheel and the motor with new Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Goodman parts for these units are designed for Goodman AC units for overall higher performance and compatibility.

Professional Installation: Our technicians are skilled at installing and replacing any air conditioning parts. They quickly removed and installed a new blower wheel and motor which ran correctly and efficiently.

Cellar Benefits: Even with the heater running, a few months earlier the Shook family was still enduring some noise from the blower and their cellar highs would be horrendous. The fresh out of the plastic new blower wheel and engine leaves the Shook’s AC altogether quiet. They can experience cool air circulation without the hassle of any noise disturbances.

A Cool and Harmonious Home (and Happy Shooks!)

After our skillful repair Mr. and Mrs. Shook can now, once again, live in a cool, comfortable house. What makes Olive Air and Heating the best?

Correct Diagnosis: Our mechanics never guess what’s wrong. They employ their knowledge to identify the exact root of the issue fixing it permanently.

High-Quality Components: To secure a long productive life and peace of mind, we use nothing but the best quality components.

Quick turnaround: We appreciate how quickly you want your air conditioner problem taken care of on a hot summer day. This is to ensure we offer you the earliest appointment possible and that we complete the recommended repair work swiftly.

Don’t Let Your AC Become Unbalanced!

Do not wait for your AC to eventually break down when you notice that it is not blowing icy-cold air or is making noises. Call Olive Air and Heating Today! Take the guesswork out of AC maintenance, we’ll diagnose the issue, make the appropriate recommendations, and get your air conditioning system working perfectly.

Make an Appointment for Your Next Heat Pump in Phoenix and Surrounding Areas Call Olive Air and Heating at (480) 914-3267 or visit us online at https://oliveairandheating.com to discuss your heat pump choice. As always, Olive Air and Heating are here for all your air conditioning needs this summer!

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