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Tracy's AC Repair in Gilbert, AZ!

Gilbert, AZ: AC Repair Done!

Tracy’s AC Repair in Gilbert, AZ!

Gilbert AZ Air Conditioning Repair: Tracy called Olive Air & Heating when her second floor in Gilbert, AZ wasn’t cooling. Our technician quickly discovered an upstairs airflow damper that had a stuck closed, not allowing the air needed to cool her home.

Diagnosing the Issue

On inspection, we found the damper (which regulates airflow between floors) was jammed. As a result, the second floor was not getting cool air so everyone upstairs was suffering and every room in my house had different temperatures. However, addressing this problem promptly was critical to bringing Tracy’s home back into the realm of comfort.

Submitting the Claim

To solve the issue, we opened a problem with Tracy’s home guarantee firm for approval. By doing this, she will make it so that what needs to be fixed is done under warranty, which means less money out of pocket. All details have been submitted, and will revamp the claim in under 24 hours.

Next Steps

When allowed by the home warranty company, our team will handle repairs for you. You need to adjust or change the stuck airflow damper to fix it and obtain a proper air supply on the second floor. This fix will prevent cold air from short cycling, which helps keep the entire home comfortable and efficient.

Commitment to Service

Prompt service and effective HVAC care are our priority at Olive Air & Heating; We know that living in the warmest of Phoenix summers, a broken or malfunctioning AC system is simply a no-go! We are locating the problem and working directly with the home warranty company to remedy Tracy’s AC issue.

Staying in Touch

Gilbert AZ Air Conditioning Repair: We will let Tracy know everything that is going on and when she can expect additional information from the home warranty company. We want to get her home as cold and as comfortable for us ASAP.

Tracy, we will keep in touch based on how things proceed! Thank you for your trust in Olive Air & Heating.

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