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Reliable AC Maintenance Services in Phoenix and Gilbert, AZ

A beautiful Phoenix day can easily turn into a stressful, sticky one if your air conditioner isn’t functioning. Even after a repair, you won’t get back all your time wasted stressing in the heat while searching for a top HVAC company to assist. That’s why our team at Olive Air & Heating, LLC offers AC maintenance in Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding areas.

Our five-star Google reviews reflect our dedication to each customer and our ability to treat every job as a priority. We pride ourselves on using top equipment like Trane and the newest tools in the industry. 

What Comes With AC Maintenance?

Maintenance visits are preventative measures that allow experts to check your unit for imperfections like broken fan belts, leaking refrigerant, and loose or worn fasteners so they can repair or replace the parts for optimal efficiency. It also allows technicians to prepare other parts for heavy use by starting them off on the right track. Some services on our checklist include:

  • Lubricating the motor, fan belt, and other moving parts
  • Tightening electrical components that would otherwise cause shorts and securing nuts and bolts to keep all components in place
  • Checking the thermostat wiring and batteries and recalibrating them for accurate readings
  • Examining for water and refrigerant leaks
  • Reading refrigerant levels
  • Cleaning the condensate drain line and pan
  • Dusting the coils and unit interior 

When Is The Best Time To Schedule Servicing?

Before powering on the unit that’s been collecting dust for the last three seasons, call professionals to clean and examine it. Spring maintenance ensures all parts are in working order for high efficiency and cooling capacity. In the autumn, after the season of use, call for your second professional AC maintenance service of the year so experts can repair or replace worn parts after excessive use. 

You should also conduct DIY maintenance every three months, especially for central heating and cooling, which functions year-round since some unit parts require frequent attention. That includes cleaning the filters, checking the thermostat batteries, and wiping down vents. 

Why Should I Consider AC Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ?

Maintenance is less expensive than significant repairs. Preventing large and frequent repairs also means less money out of your wallet and avoiding premature unit replacement. AC maintenance in Phoenix, AZ, also saves funds and heartache by:

  • Keeping energy costs low with higher efficiency
  • Providing faster cooling for comfort
  • Limiting hotspots and non-uniform temperatures house wide

Proudly Providing AC Maintenance in Gilbert, AZ, and Surrounding Areas!

Air conditioners should last ten to 15 years with proper maintenance, but don’t assume at-home upkeep is enough. For quality care that never fails, trust our experts at Olive Air & Heating, LLC, for AC maintenance in Gilbert, AZ, and surrounding areas. Call (480) 490-2950 to request services today!

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  • Honest & Prompt

    “I would recommend Olive Air & Heating to anyone looking for an honest, prompt company to do all you A/C needs. They came out on a Friday night at 9pm to take a look at my A/C unit that suddenly stopped working that day. At the end he gave us 4 options which was nice and we decided to just have the unit replaced. He called us when he said and he installed a few days later. No worries about if we made the right choice. We definitely did by calling Oliver Air & Heating. Thank you Oliver.”

    -Kristie A.
  • Promptness & Expertise

    “Late Saturday evening 5:30 pm we called on Oliver advise my sister’s air conditioning unit went out and she is bedridden if he could go out repair asap he advise could be there in 30 minutes. We had called other companies but soonest was going to be next morning. We are grateful for his promptness and expertise. Totally recommend his work very well done.”

    -Denise Z.
  • Tremendously Helpful

    “I had the best experience so far with Oliver. My AC blower motor got busted on Wednesday afternoon and Oliver was the technician that my home warranty company sent. Although the home warranty company did not do their job well Oliver was tremendously helpful to get the part and understanding that it it was going out of my pocket he was a great help and professional more of all a gentleman. He was able to replace the motor on 6/24 and get the unit running I was very impressed.”

  • Above and Beyond

    “Oliver was dispatched to my home, my ac went out. He gave me his honest opinion, great customer service, and answered every phone call every time I called with questions. HIS customer service was above and beyond. Thank you Oliver!!!”

    -Lisa R.
  • Professional & Courteous

    “Called them on Saturday afternoon over a holiday weekend and they arrived shortly after. Very professional and courteous technician. Highly recommended!”

    -David K.

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