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Can Your Air Conditioner Handle The AZ Heat?

Written on April 26, 2023.
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While most locals are used to the heat, summer in Arizona can be uncomfortable when outdoor temperatures are high. As we approach the hottest months in AZ, it is important your air conditioner is properly prepared. Ensuring your AC unit is in good condition can help avoid a variety of repairs and an AC breakdown in the middle of a heat wave. In this article, we discuss ways to prepare your AC for summer in Gilbert, AZ and surrounding areas.

Why Should I Prepare My Air Conditioner For Summer?

Whether you embrace the high temperatures or hide in the cool indoors, it is important to get your AC unit ready for the workload summer brings. Air conditioners are a necessary home appliance for Gilbert homeowners to ensure each resident remains cool and comfortable. However, air conditioners can malfunction like any other appliance and lead to a sticky situation.

Without preparing your AC for summer, you may experience various air conditioning repairs and a possible AC breakdown due to underlying malfunctions and obstructions. If a component or obstruction is harming the efficiency of your air conditioner, it causes it to work harder to achieve the thermostat setting. Air conditioners that work harder than necessary use more energy to function, which results in high utility bills. Some air conditioners eventually give out after overworking themselves, which leaves you in a costly and uncomfortable situation. Performing air conditioning maintenance before hot summer months can avoid AC repairs and breakdowns in Gilbert, AZ and surrounding areas!

5 Ways To Prepare Your AC For Summer In Arizona

While we love to see our customers, we hope it is not due to an uncomfortable home situation! Our top priority is keeping you comfortable and healthy each season, which is why we offer reliable AC repairs and maintenance in Gold Canyon, AZ and surrounding areas. Homeowners can perform numerous home tasks to help their air conditioner remain efficient and effective all summer long. If your air conditioner is overworked, it can quickly escalate into an AC breakdown or costly repair. Below we have listed five tips to avoiding air conditioning problems in Fountain Hills, AZ and surrounding locations!

  • Schedule AC Maintenance With An Olive Air Technician
  • Clean Outdoor Unit
  • Replace Air Filters
  • Install A Smart Thermostat
  • Seal Air Leaks

Schedule AC Maintenance With An Olive Air Technician

Air conditioning maintenance with a professional is the best way to avoid AC repairs and breakdowns. A certified Olive Air technician will thoroughly inspect your air conditioner for current and arising malfunctions and repair components as needed. Air conditioning malfunctions and repairs can sometimes be hard to identify before it is too late, which is why air conditioning maintenance is so beneficial to homeowners! The experts at Olive Air can identify underlying problems before they result in a costly situation. Below are a few of the many tasks a technician will perform to improve AC efficiency this summer.

  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Confirm electrical connections
  • Clean inside & outside of AC unit
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Change air filters
  • Clean condensate drain
  • Inspect each AC component

Depending on the type of air conditioner your home uses can determine other maintenance tasks performed. Luckily, Olive Air technicians are well-trained on each type and brand of air conditioner and can provide quality AC maintenance and repairs in Chandler, AZ and surrounding areas!

Clean Outdoor Unit

Due to being located outside, your outdoor condensing unit is exposed to all weather conditions. This means the air conditioning unit can collect debris from wind and other weather, which can harm efficiency and effectiveness. Especially after sitting during the winter, dust, tree branches, grass clippings, leaves, and other debris can build up on and within your air conditioning system. Debris lodged in the condensing unit can obstruct airflow, increase energy usage, harm air quality, and cause a variety of other problems for your AC unit! We recommend leaving the cleaning of the inside of your air conditioner to the professionals, but homeowners should remove accessible debris regularly.

Replace Air Filters

Air conditioning units are complex systems made up of many different components. Each component works together to provide your home with cool, quality air. If one component is obstructed or malfunctioning, the whole system can suffer. Air filters are an important component of the air conditioning system, because the filter catches harmful pollutants and keeps the air you breathe clean. However, pollutants can build up after a few months and clog the air filter. If the air filters around your home are dirty, your air conditioner struggles to push air through the filter pores. This causes the system to work harder to distribute air throughout your home, which increases workload and utility bills. We recommend regularly changing your air filter every 3 months to increase energy efficiency, air quality, airflow, and home comfort!

Install A Smart Thermostat

Air conditioners quietly cool your home all summer. Although designed for heavy cooling loads, the system should be rested whenever possible. To experience cool comfort, homeowners should set their thermostat to their chosen temperature when home and awake and modify it when sleeping or departing. You may forget to adjust the thermostat when hurrying out the door or heading to bed, so a smart thermostat is helpful! A smart thermostat adjusts itself whether you’re away or asleep. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends lowering the thermostat 7-10 degrees for 8 hours a day to save 10% on energy expenditures. Reduce the thermostat whenever feasible to rest your air conditioner and avoid overworking it this summer! Visit our website or call us to learn more or install a smart thermostat in Gilbert, AZ and nearby locations.

Seal Air Leaks

Your air conditioner works hard to meet your cooling needs, which can be sacrificed if air is escaping through cracks or leaks throughout your home. Air escaping causes the AC system to produce more cool air to make up for lost air, which increases the workload and energy usage. A simple and cost effective way to seal air leaks is by caulking and weather stripping your home. The EPA estimates sealing and insulating your home can save up to 15% on heating and cooling costs. Consider sealing your air leaks before the hottest months of the year are here in Arizona to help avoid an AC breakdown or repairs!

We encourage homeowners to do one or all of these home maintenance tasks to maintain your comfort this summer. If you are in need of AC maintenance or repairs in Apache Junction, AZ or surrounding areas, give the experts at Olive Air a call!

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